Everything is stylish – just

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to make a stylish text effect in just a couple of steps. It can later be used to create brochures and other printed materials.

1. Create a new document with dimensions. 400 x 300 px.

Resolution (Resolution) set equal 150 pixels / inch, then click OK.

2. Select the Brush tool. ,
set hardness to 100, the size – 3.

Draw here such kalya-baluska:

3. Now go to the menu. Filter> Artistic> Cutout and enter these parameters:

Click Ok

4. And now save your kalyabushki format .psd.
We will return to it soon.

5. Open a new document.

Select tool – Text and write some word. It is advisable to choose a thick font.

6. Now go to menu Filter> Distort> Displace. A window will appear, where you will be asked to rasterize the layer – click OK.

In the new window Displace – Moving set the following settings: (although you can try to set your own settings)

After you click Ok, another window will appear. Select the .psd file you saved before and click on “open”.

Almost the same should have you!

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