Factory text

In this Photoshop tutorial we will create a factory texture for the text.

To start the lesson, change the main color to # 19B928 Then, take the “Text Tool”
Install font “Times new roman
Font size 151
Type the letter “S.”

Now with the active text layer, click – at the bottom of the palette Layers and select Drop shadow and set the parameters below, but do NOT click OK yet.

Now select “Inner glow“and set the following parameters, but do NOT click OK yet.

Now “Bevel and Emboss“+ settings, see below. Do not click OK!

Select “Stroke“+ Settings. And now CAN press OK!

You should have this:

Create a NEW layer , fill it black

Access the main menu – “Filter “>” Noise “>” Add Noise
Set Amount = 110
Be sure that the marks are opposite. “Gausian“and”Monochromatic“installed.

Now in the menu, select “Select“>”Color range“there choose in sample colors (sample color) white. Click”Ok“and key”Delete“on your keyboard.

Now go back to the main menu.
Select “Filter “>” Blur “>” Motion Blur.”
Set the angle (Angle bar) = 41% and make sure the distance is set = 22. Click Ok.

Holding Ctrl click on the layer with the letter “S“so that a selection appears around it. Set Blending mode on “Multiply
BUT “Fill“= 75.

Highlighted active.
Create a new layer. and place under the layer “S“.
Now select in the main menu Select – Modify – Expand – on 3 px.
Fill in black and clear the selection. Ctrl + D.

Now right click on the new layer and select Blending optionsDrop shadow and make these settings, but DO NOT click on OK.

Select “Inner Glow” + settings. You can click “OK.”

You should have it.

And here is the result !!!

As you can see, the author also added a background filled with factory texture, so that the letter stands out even better.

We hope you enjoyed creating the factory texture.

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