We offer you a lesson on creating a burning text. You have no idea how exciting it is to draw fire!

Getting started!

Create a new document size 400 px * 400 px, fill up its black color.

Take the text tool , Set the white color and write the word in your favorite font (the main thing is that it is not very thin).

Go to menu Edit >> Transform >> Rotate 90 CCW (Edit – Transform – turn on 90 degreesto the left)

Further Filter >> Stylize >> Wind (Filter – Stylization – Wind). Apply this filter 3-4 times. Why press Ctrl + F.

Do not pay attention to the fact that our text is all spread over the sheet. At the moment we are drawing a fire. We will return to the text later.

By the way, when you apply a filter, you will be asked if you want to rasterize the text – tell them that you really want it :)

Next we need to rotate the text back.
Edit >> Transform >> Rotate 90 CW
(Edit – Transform – turn on 90 degreesto the right)

Next, go to the menu Layer >> Flatten Image (Layer – Flatten)

Then apply another filter – Gaussian Blur with radius 3.0 (Filter >> Blur >> Gaussian Blur >> 3.0)
(Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur – 3.0)

Click Ctrl + U – The Color / Saturation window appears.

Set the settings there as in the picture:

Do not forget to tick Colorize

Here is what we got:

And now the fun begins. Open up Filter >> Liquify

Choose a tool warp tool Set the brush options as shown below:

Your task: to turn smooth lines of fire into wavy.

Then go Image >> Adjustments >> Levels (Image – Settings – Levels) or click Ctrl + L

Here are 3 small arrows: black, gray and white.

Grab hold of black and move it right until it takes the value equal 80.

This moment in the lesson is the most funny, I hope you watched the fire change while dragging the black arrow?

Duplicate the “background” layer Layer >> Duplicate Layer
(Layer – Duplicate Layer)

Click Ctrl + U and in the color / saturation window, reduce the parameter Hue (Color) to -thirty. Set the blending mode for this layer to “Color Dodge

Select tool again and write your word again with the same font and size.

And place the word on top of burning letters.

Double-click on the layer with text – the Add Styles window will appear. Find a style gradient overlay (gradient overlay) and apply the default gradient from white to black.

Then choose a style stroke (stroke) and add a white stroke width to the layer 2 px.

Theoretically, the lesson is ready.

But if you want to add the same reflection as in the image below, then read on.

In the “Secret Section” on our website there is a video lesson on how to draw the reflection effect. If you are subscribed to our newsletter or mini-course, then you are very lucky – you have the code from the secret section.

See you at www.!

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