Frosted lettering background

This small and quick tutorial demonstrates how to improve text writing by creating a matte background that can enhance the look of your photos or projects.

Step 1. Open any image in Photoshop. The author used the autumn photo. You can use a similar snapshot if you like. Or select any other. Rename the layer by double-clicking on the layer and name it Leaves.

Step 2. Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N) on top of the Leaves layer, and name it “Frosted Bar”. Using the tool Rectangular area (M), check that the “Frosted Bar” layer should be active, make a selection of the size you need, the selection should be from one edge of the image to the other. Placing a bar is your business. In the case of the author: the bar is located at the bottom of the image, as shown below.

Step 3. Fill the selection with white using Fill tool (G) (#FFFFFF) and deselect the current selection (Ctrl) + D).

Step 4. Apply the following layer styles to the “Frosted Bar”. (Overlay options: Normal – Fill opacity 20%.

Stroke: Color White (#FFFFFF) Size 2 and Position: Outside and 50% Opacity.

Step 5. We will need to edit our original image. So, it is better to make a duplicate, so you can always completely change it. Make a copy of the “Leaves” layer ((Ctrl) + J). The active layer “copy Leaves”, load the selection layer with a matte image (Ctrl) + click on the layer “frosted bar” (on the thumbnail image of the layer). Apply Gaussian blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur) Radius 20, click OK.

Step 6. Having worked the highlights on the frosted bar layer. Create a new layer ((Ctrl) + Shift + N) on top of the “frosted bar” layer, and name it “Highlights”. Again load the selection layer with a matte image, and select the tool Brush (B). Using a large soft brush (500px, Press 0% and White color: #FFFFFF), brighten the upper and lower edges (as shown in the image), and then reduce the layer opacity to 60%.

Step 7. In the final step, add the text. Using the tool Horizontal text (T) add any text you want within a bar of any size (In the case of the author, the font size is 100px). Lower the opacity to 40% on the text layer, and change the blending mode to Overlay.

Final image
Look at what should have happened. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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