Frosty text in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a frosty text effect with icicles using images and collage techniques. To pass the lesson you should have experience in the program.

The final result.

Materials for the lesson:

First of all, create a new document and select a dark blue color for the background. Activate the tool Text (Type tool) and write the word ‘FREEZE’. Now right-click on the text layer and select Rasterize the text (Rasterize Type). Select the first letter and cut it to a new layer, do the same with the other letters. To make the inscription more interesting, slightly rotate the letters relative to each other.

Now you need to cut the ice from the image of Cold as ice 2. You can use any images of your choice that are given in the links to the lesson. Using the tool Pen(Pen tool), create a contour around the ice, then right-click and select the option Select area (Make Selection). Choose a tool Rectangular area (Rectangular Marque), then click inside the highlighted area and click Cut to new layer (Layer via Cut). Drag this layer to the main document.

Resize the cut ice as much as you need, rotate it and place it on the first letter F. Now let’s make the colors more beautiful in the menu Image – Correction – Brightness / Contrast (Image> Adjustments> Brightness / Contrast). Pick the values ​​and leave the result as you like. Once you’re done, activate the tool. Eraser (Eraser tool) with a soft brush and mix the edges of the ice with a letter.

Open the image of Icicles 4 and use the tool as well. Pen(Pen tool), cut the ice fragments. After that, use all the images with ice in order to cut and prepare even more ice elements. Of course, this process is quite laborious, but you should have as much material as possible to create an interesting composition. And so, cut out different types of ice.

Drag the ice into the main document, adjust the colors and erase gently the edges to mix. Right-click and select Duplicate layer (Duplicate Layer) and then go to the menu Editing – Transform – Flip Horizontally (Edit> Transform> Flip Horizontal), then fit this layer to the letter F. Repeat these steps several times until you cover the entire letter.

Continue to cut the ice fragments and drag them to the letter F. To improve, adjust the color and erase carefully the edges of the images as needed. As a result, your letter should look completely frozen. It will be good if you use a lot of ice, but know the measure.

Now you just need to do the same with the rest of the letters that you did for the letter “F”. Be patient and make your inscription as realistic as possible. If this is completely sad for you, then choose the word shorter.

It is very important to use the right colors to make the ice look believable. Adjust the image in the menu Image – Correction – Brightness / Contrast (Image> Adjustments> Brightness / Contrast), use Curves (Image> Adjustments> Curves), as well as settings in the menu Image – Correction – Vibration (Image> Adjustments> Vibrance). The goal is as follows, when looking at the inscription, it should blow cold and cold.

Merge all the ice layers for each letter so that the letters have only one ice layer. If you didn’t group the layers and didn’t give them a name, it’s probably difficult for you to find them. This tool will help you Move(Move tool). With the Ctrl key pressed, click on a piece of ice and see where this layer is in the layers palette.

Double click on the layer with the letter F to bring up the layer style window. Select Shadow (Drop Shadow), put in the settings The size (Size) 250 pixels and Opacity (Opacity) 77%. Shadow will help us see the letters more clearly and create the effect of the presence of space between them. Also make sure that the layers are in the correct order.

Create a new layer in mode. Overlap (Overlay) above all layers. Choose any Brush (Brush) which you like to create light spots. The color should be white. Start clicking, leaving specks, and you will see how in these places there are areas with a luminous effect. Continue adding light effects until you are satisfied and make sure they all match the same light source.

Now activate the tool Dimmer (Burn tool) and make dark areas of ice even less illuminated. Be careful not to overdo it. Basically, you need to try to add more contrast to make the shadow darker and the light brighter.

We have a very simple background. You can also add shadow and lighting effects, as well as you can create interesting geometric shapes in the form of crystals. You can draw them using the tool. Pen (Pen tool). Spending time and energy on decorating the background will make you more professional in your work.

Well, we are almost done. It remains only to save the file before merging all the layers and processing the merged layer in the menu Image – Correction – Brightness / Contrast (Image> Adjustments> Brightness / Contrast) to make the image even more beautiful.

Final result

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