Gel effect in web 2.0 style

Create a new document with the following parameters:

Take the tool RoundedRectangleTool (Rectangle with rounded edges), assign a radius of 3 cm, and set the color of the main background as #onead9d7

Right-click on the layer, a drop-down menu will open, select BlendingOptions (Overlay options). This is the main part of our work. Be extremely careful, put all the settings like me, because they are tied to the specific resolution and size of the pattern.

Assign the following characteristics:


Inner shadow:

External glow:

For the gradient, set the following parameters:

Internal luminescence:

Gradient options:

Embossing / Bevel:



The main part is finished, as a result we have:

Now we write some inscription. Font is better to take a round, because he is the one most suited to apply this effect. Assign Primary Color #onead9d7. We write.

Next, click the right button on the layer with our first figure, in the drop-down menu, click the option Copylayerstyle (Copy layer style).

Go back to the text layer, right-click and select the option Paste layer style (Paste layer style).

As a result, we have:

As you can see, we, in principle, have achieved the desired effect, but it looks a bit rude. The fact is that we used certain settings for a certain size of the figure. The letters of the text are much smaller. In order to fix this we need to act on the effects layer.

To do this, right-click on the icon of the applied effects, see the downward menu and click on Scaleeffects:

And reduce the effect to about 30-40% (it’s all about the goal you are aiming at):

Replace the first shape with something more interesting but simple and apply the same style:

Authortechnology: Dave Cross (video tutorial National Association of Photoshop Professionals).
Transfer (study, adaptation and presentation of the technique): Sergey Akhlyustin (lsaintl).

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