Gel text

We will create an effect like letters made of gel.

It is advisable to take not a thin font, then the effect will look better.

In this lesson, the color of the letters #139DDE
Background as you can see black.

Go to menu Layer> Rasterise> Layer (layer – rasterize – layer)

If your background is still not black, then we advise you to add a black stroke to the word 1px

Layer> Layer Style> Stroke (Layer – Layer Style – Stroke)

There in the window Layer style select emboss style
And set there the settings that suit you, for example:

It is important that the Gloss Contour parameter be the same shape as in the screenshot:

As a result, we get the following jelly effect:

A small addition: if you add an external glow of the same color to this text, you get a neon effect.

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