Glamor text

Now you will see how easy it is to create a text adorned with diamonds! Real glamor!

Step 1.
To begin with, we will create a new layer and type the text that we will “glamor”. Next right click on the layer and select  Rasterize layer/ Rasterize the layer.

Step 2.
Ctrl + click on the text layer in the Layers palette, the selection will be loaded around the letters.
After all the letters are highlighted, select Filter> render> clouds
(Filter> Rendering> Clouds).
If the Rendering menu is not available, make sure that you are working in RGB mode.

Step 3
Now we will create a diamond effect. Choose  Filter> Distort> glass (Filter> Distortion> Glass).
Select the settings shown here.
And click OK to accept them.

Step 4.
Now if you look at the text, you will see a diamond texture. The next step is to create a gold stroke around the letters.

Step 5.
To create a gold stroke, select Styles> Stroke (Layer Styles> Stroke) and set such parameters.

Next, select Styles> Bevel and Emboss (Layer Styles> Emboss) and set these options.

Step 6.
Now we have our main effect.

We just need to make the color more golden. For this we choose Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation – Ctrl + U) and set these parameters.

So we got the golden color we need.

Step 7.
We have the final touches.
After all, real diamonds always shine brightly, so we will give our effect a spark, for this we take a star brush with the appropriate parameters and decorate our diamond.

To complete the spectacle, set the appropriate background and you can enjoy the lovely work.

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