Glowing cosmic text in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we will create glowing space text using layer styles and textures.

Final result:

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1

Create a new document in Photoshop (Ctrl + N) with a size of 1400×759 pixels with a black background. Insert into this document a photograph of a large chess platform. Activate mode Free transform (Ctrl + T) and resize. Use the Perspective mode to change the shape of the layer.

Erase the edges of the chessboard as shown below.

Create the following ground correction layers:

Black and white (Black White):

Levels (Levels):


Step 2

Install the “Notera” font and tool Horizontal text (Horizontal Type Tool) (T) write “SAMPLE”.

Select the text layer (hold Ctrl and click on the layer thumbnail). Open the first image of the cosmos and transfer the selection to it with the tool Rectangular area (Rectangular Marquee Tool) (M).

Copy the selection (Ctrl + C) and paste it into the main document (Ctrl + V). Place the texture on top of the label.

Apply the following styles to the texture layer:

Stroke (Stroke):

Internal glow (Inner Glow):


Step 3

Open a photo of fire in Photoshop and tool Lasso (Lasso Tool) (L) Select the following area:

Transfer the fire to our document and change the size in mode Free transform (Ctrl + T).

Activate warp mode (Editing – Transform – Warp / Edit – Transform – Warp). Slightly change the shape of the flame.

Change the color of the fire with correction Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation).

Place the texture on the letter.

Create multiple copies of the texture, change their shape and impose a letter.

All letters must be covered with a fire texture.

Step 4

Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + N) and use a soft brush to draw a pink spot.

On the same layer with a smaller brush, paint a white spot in the center of the pink.

Activate warp mode and change the shape of the spot.

Create several such spots and place them on letters.

Step 5

Open the second image of the cosmos and select the marked area using the tool Lasso (Lasso Tool) (L) with a 30-pixel shading.

Transfer the selection to the main document and apply the Hue / Saturation correction (Ctrl + U).

We need to add 3 areas of the cosmic nebula, which should be under the text layer.

Add another small patch of cosmic nebula from the first image.

Transfer it to the main document and apply the correction. Hue / Saturation (Ctrl + U).

There should be two such sites of the nebula. Place them on top of the text and set the blending mode. Lightening (Screen).

Add cloudy text.

Step 6

Merge all layers and apply the Unsharp Mask filter (Filter – Sharpening – Contour Sharpness / Filter – Sharpen – Unsharp Mask).

Create an adjustment layer Selective color correction (Selective color):

Final result:

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