Glowing text

How very easy it is to add a glowing effect to the text will be prompted by this Photoshop lesson.

Create a new document with a black background.
Add a new layer and using the Text tool on it Write the word to which you want to apply a glow effect.

In the layers panel, create a copy of the layer with the text (Layer – Duplicate Layer …) Name it “effect”, so as not to be confused.
Close eye opposite the text layer to hide it.
Now select the letters on the “effect” layer, for which hold down ctrl and click on the “effect” layer. A selection will appear.

Delete the “effect” layer and create a new empty layer.
In the main menu, refer to edit> stroke and add a stroke to the selection as shown in the screenshot:

Again edit> transform> Rotate 90 CCW – the layer will turn on 90 degrees left
then filters> stylize> wind and set the settings as in the screenshot

Repeat the last action two more times, and rotate the layer to its original position.

Now filters> blur> radial blur and set the following settings:

Now make a copy of the layer with the new effect and place it directly on top of the previous layer. Then right click on the layer and select Merge down (merge with the bottom) – now your effect should become even brighter.

In the layers panel, hold down the key ctrl and click open eye in the hidden layer to load text selection.
Create a new layer above the effect layer, then edit> stroke and add a white stroke around 4 px.

You can refer to the function Free transform (Ctrl + T) to increase the size of the letters and adjust them to the effect.

We’ve finished creating a glowing text, now you can refer image> adjustments> hue and saturations and change the color and saturation of the shining letters.

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