Glowing text

I want to offer you a glowing inscription of arbitrary shape created by me.

Step 1. Create a document 640×480 pixels. Fill it with black. We write text in bold

Step 2. In the layers panel, right-click and select Create Work Path (Create work contour)

Step 3. Switch to the toolbar Pen(Pen Tool). Turn off the layer with the text (turn off the eye) so as not to interfere.

Step 4. Right click on our image and select Free transform path (Free contour transformation)

Step 5. Right-click inside the selection and select Warp (Deformation).

Give the desired shape and click Enter.

Step 6. Create a new layer. Switch to the brush tool: hard, 5 pixels in size, red. Switch to tool again Pen. When pressed together keys Ctrl and Shift let’s click the left mouse button on the contours of each letter. In the context menu, select Stroke path (Run the outline of the contour).

In the dialog box, click OK

Step 7. Create a new layer and repeat Step 6 just for the brush we will choose the size 2 pixels and yellow.

Step 8. Now you can hide the path (Ctrl + H)
Step 9. Switch to the red lettering layer and blur it (Filter -> Blur – Gaussan Blur) radius 2 pixels.

That’s what we did

Author: Michael Eskin.

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