Graffiti text

From this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to create colorful and catchy graffiti.

Step 1.
Let’s start with a general background on which we type text using the tagsxtreme font. In the layers panel on the layer with the text, right-click and select rasterize type / rasterize the text.

Step 2
Create the gradient we need or if there is one that you like, then choose it.

Step 3
Ctrl + click on the thumbnail of the text layer to select it. Now draw a gradient across the text from top to bottom.

Step 4
Next, without removing the selection, create a new layer and are already working with it.
Choose Edit> stroke (Layer style> Stroke). And set the specified data: Size – 2 pixels., Position – Outside, color – gray.

Step five
Then choose  Filters> blur> gaussian blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur).
Set the blur radius on the same layer with the stroke 0.8 pix.

Step 6
Now merge the layer with graffiti and stroke in one. Stand on the top and press Ctrl + E.

Step 7
Again, load the selection around the text (Ctrl + click on the icon).
Add a stroke again, only now in black.
Edit> stroke (Layer style> Stroke). And set the specified data: Size – 2 pixels. (possible and more), position – Outside, color – black.

Step 8
It looks good! Now add a shadow.
Duplicate the graffiti layer.
With active selection, fill the copy with black.

Step 9
Move the color layer above black in the layers palette. Move the black letters slightly down and to the left.

Step 10

And as a final touch, we will set the background, which will draw a gradient and add a certain texture. Change the layer with the text overlay mode Hard lightHard light. See how the text merged nicely with the background, as if it was actually drawn!

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