Grunge text in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create an interesting grunge text.

Materials for the lesson:

Final image view:

We open our wall in Photoshop.

Create a duplicate background image byLayerDuplicateLayer (Layers – Duplicate Layer) and change the blending mode toDarken (Blackout).

So let’s add our text. We will use the font FranklinGothicHeavy with parameters 130pt – print Tutzor“, as this is the name of the site that is the source for this lesson. Increase the distance between letters to +25. You can do this by opening the window. Window > Character (Window – Source of the Clones).

To center the text, select the background and the text layer. Assured that the move tool is active, click on AlignVerticalCenters (Align the centers vertically) and AlignHorizontalCenters (Align centers horizontally), which are at the top of the screen, under the menu.

At the next stage, we create duplicates of the text layer and move, rotate, change the size as we want it. Make copies of your text. Pay attention to the image to see what we have done.

After we lower the opacity of some text layers, selecting each one individually. You can enter a percentage or use slider. The opacity option is at the top of the screen.

At this stage, we will select each text layer separately. To do this, click and hold CTRL+SHIFTand click on Ton the line for each text.

After we have selected our text, create a new layer above the text. Call him black and naturally paint over the corresponding color. Use the move tool and move this layer from its initial position so that you can see the changes in the next step.

Cancel selection by clicking CTRL+D. Change the blending mode to Softlight (Soft light), lower the opacity to 85% and, having reduced, we will place there where we wish. Create a duplicate of this layer, and making it even smaller, put it on any other place.

Next we create a copy of the background layer and overlay it on top of the rest. After moving the background, as shown in the image below.

Change the mode of our new wall image to Subtract (Subtraction) and again select all the text in white. When all white text is selected, with the active image of the “dirty” wall, click on the icon Mask“, which is below the ruler. This is done to ensure that our “dirty” wall covers only white text. Ultimately, you should get what we have in the image below.

After we create a duplicate of our mask layer and change the blending mode to Hue (Color tone).

Let’s add a 3D effect. To do this, select the white text by holding the key CTRL, and choose Maskon a layer. After we have selected everything, we will create a new layer on top of the background, let’s name it Shadow, and, having selected, we will paint over with black color. You will not be able to see the selection of black color, as it is behind all layers. Cancel selection.

On our 3D layer, press the arrow key 2 times down and 2 times to the right. Make a duplicate of this layer and repeat the process several times until the 3D effect looks good and good. Look at the image below to see the result.

The last step is to add a building to our image. Follow the link to download a picture of the building. Place the building on our “canvas”.

Change the overlay mode Luminosity (Brightness) and place the image in the lower right corner of the “canvas”. You need to remove the sky from the image. And what did we get? Drumroll! Great grungy effect for text.

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