Halloween pumpkin text

In this tutorial, you will learn how to combine different images and create funny pumpkin text for Halloween. If you wish, you can buy a Psd file from the author of the lesson.

Final result

Materials for the lesson:

Create a document with dimensions of 1400 pixels in height and 2000 pixels in width, the resolution is 72. You can choose any document size for yourself, but all the settings in the lesson are suitable for the proposed one. Fill the first layer with a radial gradient.

Use the following settings:

Download the pumpkin brushes and, using one of them, using the settings in the screenshot, fill in the whole document background on the new layer.

Pen pressure (Pen Pressure)

Set the blending mode for this layer to Overlap (Overlay).

Write the text Halloween in any rounded, bold type, the author used the font Comic Sans MS.

Go to the menu Editing – Transform – Warp (Edit> Transform> Warp) and warp the text with the setting Arc above (Arc Upper).

Then select the usual round Brush (Brush) with hard edges to add a silhouette for the letters.

At this stage you should have something like this.

Open the image with the pumpkin and separate it from the background. Using tool Stamp (Clone Stamp Tool) Retouch spots and minor defects. You can also increase the saturation in the menu Image – Correction – Hue / Saturation (Image> Adjustments> Hue / Saturation), by moving the saturation marker slightly to the right, and the color tone marker to the left by -7 or -10. With the help of color correction you can add warmer shades of a pumpkin.

Duplicate the pumpkin, using Free Transformation (Free Transformation), transform the copy into an ellipse and place it above the letter “A”.

To shape a letter into a pumpkin, warp it with Deformations (Warp) by adjusting the position of the anchor points and guides.

Repeat the same steps by duplicating the pumpkin again.

Now do this for each letter of the inscription.

Add layer masks to all layers with pumpkin copies. Download the selection of the original text and go to the menu Selection – Modification – Expand (Select> Modify> Expand (5). Then, in the selected area, erase the holes of each letter with a black brush by activating the desired layer mask.

Remove by applying all masks created pumpkins for letters.

Go back to the white original text and duplicate it. Move the duplicate down, as in the screenshot below. Create a new black layer below the original text. You can merge these layers – text, its copy and black background and name this layer Text.
Return to one of the deformed pumpkins, for example, for the letter “E”. Go to menu Filter – Plastic (Filter> Liquefy). Leave only the current layer and the Text layer visible. Set the settings as in the screenshot below.

On the background (Behind).

Now try to correct the shape of the pumpkin relative to the original letter using the tool. Deformation (Forward Warp) and Bloating (Bloat Tool).

Using the same methods and the same Plastic filter, edit all copies of the pumpkin relative to the text.

Combine all the layers with pumpkins and apply layer styles:

Inner shadow (Inner Shadow)

Stamping (Bevel Emboss)

To create a pumpkin antenna, create a broken curve with the tool. Pen (Pen Tool) and edit it, making the corners rounded using the tool Angle (Point Tool, Convert).

Then make the tool active. Brush (Brush Tool), select a round brush with a size of 8-10 pixels and apply settings for it as shown below.

Now make the tool active again. Pen(Pen Tool) and right-click on the contour. Select item Outline the contour (Stroke Path). Also check the box Imitation of pressure (Simulate Pressure).

You will have a twisted mustache with narrowed tips.

Use the tool Brush The (Brush Tool) is small in size in order to connect the antennae with the stem of the pumpkin with small strokes.

Apply the following layer styles to the antennae:

Stamping (Bevel Emboss)

Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay)

Result after applying styles.

Group all the layers with pumpkin letters and tendrils, merge them and duplicate the combined layer. Now go to the menu Editing – Transform – Flip Vertically (Edit> Transform> Flip Vertical) and move the layer below the original text along the bottom edge of the pumpkins. Now go to the menu Editing – Transform – Warp (Edit> Transform> Warp) and warp the setting text Archway (Arch). For best results, shift the center point of the transformation frame.

In order to better transform the reflection relative to the original caption, use Editing – Transform –Distortion (Edit> Transform> Distort). Move the transformation frame nodes for the correct position of the reflection.

Apply layer style to reflection. Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay).

Add a layer mask to the layer with reflection and fill the bottom of the mask with a linear black and white gradient.

With the Ctrl key pressed, click on the mask thumbnail to load its selection from the white visible area. Then invert the selection in the menu Selection – Inversion (Select> Inverse).

For the selected part of the reflection, apply Filter – Blur – Blur at shallow depth of field (Filter – Lens Blur).

Activate the tool Ellipse(Ellipse Tool) and create a large round shape on a new layer between the layers with the inscription and its reflection.

Apply blur to the created shape in the menu. Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur).

Transform a blurred shape by squeezing vertically with Free transformation (Free Transformation),

Now go to the menu Editing – Transform – Warp (Edit> Transform> Warp) and warp the shape with the setting Archway (Arch).

Change this layer overlay mode to Multiplication (Multiply) and reduce Opacity (Opacity) up to 55%.

Duplicate the pumpkin text layer twice and place both duplicates above the gradient background and below the small pumpkins layer. Reduce Fill by 0% for both copies.

Apply layer style Shadow (Drop Shadow) for the first copy.

For the second copy, the settings are slightly different.

On the new layer, create a sparkling pumpkin effect with one of the brushes you’ve downloaded to add dynamics.

Try to make the pumpkin tassels be larger next to the letters and with more pressure.

Apply layer style Shadow (Drop Shadow) for this layer.

If you do not have a tablet, you can use the brush settings as for the antennae in the steps above. Use the tool Brush(Brush Tool), select the brush with pumpkins with the setting of the dynamics. Create contours with the tool Pen (Pen Tool). Right-click on the contour. Select item Outline the contour (Stroke Path).

Create a new layer above the pumpkin text layer. Add a sparkling effect with a very small brush.

Apply layer styles Shadow (Drop Shadow) and Stamping (Bevel Emboss) to this layer.

Insert an image of fire into your document. Duplicate this layer to create a reflection. Mirror the copy to reflect vertically and position as shown below. For this layer, apply Filter – Blur – Blur at shallow depth of field (Filter – Lens Blur).

For both layers of fire, set the blending mode to Screen (Screen).

Fill the reflection hole area with any color on a new layer and apply a linear gradient in the layer styles.

And here is the result!

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