In this Photoshop tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make one interesting effect that I experienced while experimenting with Photoshop filters. In the end, our effect will be like a heart rhythm.

Materials for the lesson:

Ok, let’s get started. Create a new document, sized 700 × 700 pixels, and fill it with black.

After applying the layer style GradientOverlay (Gradient overlay).

The result should be as follows:

After that, create a new layer and merge with the previous one, we get all the effects in one layer. Then apply Filter > BrushStrokes > SprayedStrokes (Filters> Strokes> Airbrush) with the following parameters:

See the difference now?

Ok, now we can start creating an effect. Choose a tool HorizontalTypeTool (Horizontal text) and write what you like ’BEAT’. Pay your attention that the text color should be white. Only in this way the effect of applying the filter will be maximized.

In the above image I used my font Swis721, 120 pt in size. Well after that we have to add a few lines. Choose a tool LineTool (Line) (size: 3 px) and draw lines like in my picture below:

After that, we merge the text layer with the lines in one layer. Then select the tool EraserTool (Eraser) and a hard round brush and do the work on a new layer like mine.

Ok, then rotate our layer 90 degrees Edit> Transform> Rotate 90 CCW (Edit – Transform – Rotate by 900 against h / s).

After that, apply, Filter>Stylize>Wind (Filters> Styling> Wind) with similar settings:

See the effect:

Then press Ctrl + F to increase the filter action.

After that, how it is applied, Filter>Stylize>Wind (Filters> Styling> Wind) again, but now you need to change some parameters:

The result should be as follows:

Press Ctrl + F again to increase the filter action again.

Looks good right? But while the lesson is not done. After that we use Edit > Transform > Rotate 90 CW (Edit – Transform – Rotate 90 * h / s) to rotate the text with lines back.

Then apply layer styles for this layer. OuterGlow (External glow) and Color overlay (Overlay color).

Well, now you should have the result as in my picture below.

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