Ice radiation

In this lesson we will create a beautiful effect radiating cold.

Step 1. Create a new document (I took 300? 300), fill it with black and enter your text (white).

Step 2. Use FilterDistortPolarCoordinates (Filter – Distortion – Polar coordinates) and select the parameter PolartoRectangular (Polar to rectangular). The filter only works with rasterized images, so before using it, rasterize your text.

Step 3. Next use FilterStylizeWind (Filter – Stylization – Wind). Choose a direction to the right. Do it twice. Then do the same, but to the left.

Step 4. Rotate the image clockwise: ImageRotateCanvas – 90 CW (Image – Rotate the canvas – 90 clockwise) and apply filter Wind (Wind). (Similarly: twice to the left, then twice to the right).

Step 5. Flip the image back and use PolarCoordinates (Polar coordinates) again. Just now apply the transition. RectangulartoPolar (from rectangular to polar).

Step 6. Create an adjustment layer. Layer -> NewAdjustmentLayer -> Hue/Saturation (Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Hue / Saturation) and apply these settings:

That’s what happened! Enjoy!

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