Industrial text

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to give the text an “industrial” look.

Step 1 – Text preparation

Create a new document and using the text tool write the word, the appearance of which will soon be scratched and stained.

Here the font will look great. Impact, if you have no other options.

Take a bright color for this effect, for example, yellow.

Rasterize the text layer ( Layer> Rasterize> Text ) – (Layer – Rasterize – Text)

If you want your text to be a little thicker, then select the free transformation command (Ctrl + T) and drag the text horizontally.

Step 2 – Add industrial stuffing

Now create a new layer on top of the text. We will fill this layer with all sorts of industrial rubbish.

Take the brush tool In the settings panel, select the brushes like “Natural Brushes 2” (Natural Brushes 2) and load them.

Take the latest brush there (as shown below) and set the diameter of the brush so that it is larger than your text.

In this example, the diameter of the brush 130 – this is just what you need.

Make sure the main color is black (# 000000 ). Take a brush and spike right over the text. Just do not bring to a state where the text will not be visible at all.

Now take the Polygonal Lasso tool and make a zigzag selection as in the screenshot. Then take the armor tool and move the selection down a bit.

Only horizontal lines look boring. Let’s add more vertical lines. Also move the vertical selection to the right or left.

Step 3 – We clean the background

Go to the text layer, hold down the key Ctrl and click on the window with the text. Then invert the selection – click Shift + Ctrl + I

Activate the gray effect layer and press the delete (delete). Now behind the text everything is clean.

Step 4 – Add a stroke and volume

Merge both layers (text and industrial effect). This is done simply:

If you have Photoshop 6/7, then look at this illustration:

The scratched layer must be activated in the layers palette. Click in front of the text layer in the area to mark the bunch. Then go to the Layer menu and select the command Merge linked (Merge related)

Photoshop CS +: Select two layers with the Ctrl key and then merge, for which go to the menu Layer> Merge Layers (layer – merge layers)

Then add a stroke:
( Edit> Stroke ) – (Editing – Stroke)

Open the window for adding styles (Blending Options) and add a volume style: internal volume, strong chasing, depth – 400, size – 1, softness – 0

Step 5 – We work with the background

Fill the background with a dark gray color and add some scratch-like brush on the text.

You can also use the brightening tools here. and blackout

And here is the result!

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