Knitted Christmas pattern in Photoshop

In this tutorial we will create an interesting effect. Santa linked the text using the basic knowledge of Photoshop. You need to know the basics of working with Photoshop brushes, for example, how to create a work path, how to stroke a path, how to create your own brushes, etc.

This knitted text effect can be easily adapted to vector shapes, bitmaps, etc. You can combine a knitted texture with other materials, such as leather texture or denim texture. And of course, your work will give charm to the brush Stjxrb and Stitches.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create text from Santa’s hats in Photoshop using a knitted texture and a fur brush. I was inspired to create this lesson by winter and Christmas brushes and action games. I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

OK. Let’s get started!

Materials for the lesson you can download HERE (7 mb).

Final result

Step 1

Type the text “XMAS” using the Intro font. Check out this font installation tutorial in Photoshop for beginners to learn this program.

Step 2

Next, rasterize the text layer. Round the edges of the text. See this tutorial on how to create rounded corners in Photoshop. Hide the original text layer. Name the new text layer with rounded corners “Xmas Text”.

Step 3

To the “Xmas Text” layer, add layer styles. Add layer styles that are shown in the screenshot below. Layer style settings need to be adjusted depending on the font size you choose. Check out this tutorial about installing layer styles for novice users of Photoshop.

Step 4

Download knitted texture. Move this texture to our working paper by placing it on top of the “Xmas Text” layer. Name the layer with knitted texture ‘Knitted Texture’.

Step 5

To the ‘Knitted Texture’ layer, add a layer style Color overlay (Color Overlay) to change the color by changing the gray color to red, the color of the Santa Claus winter hat.

Step 6

Right-click on the ‘Knitted Texture’ layer to convert this layer to a clipping mask.

Step 7

Create an active selection around the text, and then apply Expansion of the selection (Expand Selection) 3px. For this we go Allotment– Modification – Expand(Select> Modify> Expand). Again, this value will depend on the size of your font and of course on the result you want to achieve.

Step 8

Create a new layer on top of the ‘Knitted Texture’ layer. Fill the selected area with white. Name this layer “Fur Texture”. Create a selection as shown in the screenshot below. Next, delete some text.

Step 9

You can round the corners again for the М Fur Texture ’layer.

Step 10

Create a selection for the М Fur Texture ’layer. Apply compression to the selected area, set the compression value to 4px (again, this value will depend on the size of the font you choose and the diameter of the brush, etc.) Next, go to the bookmark Contours (Paths) and select the option Make a selection from the selected area (Make work path out of the selection) and with the Fur brush, follow the outline of the text. You should have a fur effect, as shown in the screenshot below.

Translator’s Note: If you have any problems with contours, then look at this lesson for working with contours.

Step 11

Add the following layer styles to the М Fur Texture ’layer.

Step 12

Create a selection around the text by clicking on the thumbnail of the ‘Xmas Text’ layer. Apply value Extensions areas discharge (Expand Selection) 30px. For this we go Allocation- Modification – Expand (Select> Modify> Expand), and also round the edges of the selected area. Create a new layer. Name this layer ‘Christmas knitted texture’. Fill the selected area with green # 016002.

Step 13

For the new layer, repeat the previous steps, adding a fur effect around the edge of the image, and also add a knitted texture as a clipping mask, the only thing is, don’t apply the layer style Color overlay (Color Overlay); instead, change the blending mode for the texture layer to Soft light (Soft Light). Add layer styles Shadow (Drop Shadow) and Inner shadow (Inner Shadow). The result should be as in the screenshot below.

Step 14

You can show more creativity and add edging using the same technique.

Step 15

You can also use the knitted texture for the background, i.e. You can combine a knitted texture with tassels in the form of sewing stitches and seams to create interesting effects.

Step 16

You can also add creative knitted figures and icons using Christmas vector shapes or Christmas Vector Graphics.

Step 17

You can also use the paid set of 6 actions, which you will find in the source of the lesson.

These actions will help you create realistic knitted effects from any text, shape, bitmap. These effects can be easily edited and modified after you apply the action.

Final result

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