Large text with a small pattern

In this lesson you will learn how to create text with a small pattern.

Final result:

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1. Creating a document

Create a new document in Photoshop 800×600 pixels in RGB mode with a resolution of 72 pixels / inch.

Step 2. Texture

Paste the cracked texture into our document. You do not need to use the same texture as mine.

Step 3. Screening the layer

Right click on the texture layer and select Rasterize layer (Rasterize Layer).

Step 4. Using the filter

Apply to the texture layer. Stained glass filter (Filter> Texture> Stained Glass) (Filter> Texture> Stained Glass).

Step 5. Filter Settings

Cell Size (Cell Size): 2
Border Thickness: 3
Light intensity (Light Intensity): 3

Step 6. Text

Install the Transformers font and write the word INCREDIBLE using the tool Horizontal text (Horizontal Type Tool) (T).

Step 7. Duplicate the texture and text selection.

Create a copy of the texture layer (Ctrl + J) and lift it above the text layer. Name the copy texture “BG copy”. Then select the text layer (hold Ctrl and click on the layer thumbnail).

Step 8. Text overlay texture

Invert the selection (Ctrl + Shift + I), go to the “BG copy” layer and press the Delete key to leave the texture on the text only.

Step 9. Text color

Turn off all layers except text. To quickly do this, hold down the Alt key and click on the eye icon of the text layer. Select the text layer and click on the color icon on the toolbar to open the Color Editor. Select black and click OK. Then press Alt + Backspace to fill the text with black.

Step 10. Rasterize the text layer

Rasterize the text layer through the context menu and in the mode Free transform (Ctrl + T) increase the text to 107%.

Step 11. Shape the text

In the free transform mode, right-click on the canvas and select Deformation (Warp). Change the shape of the text, as shown in the screenshot.

Step 12. Shadow the text

Double click on the “BG copy” layer to open the style window. Apply the Drop Shadow style and customize as shown below.

Step 13. Duplicate text texture

Create a copy of the “BG copy” layer (Ctrl + J).

Step 14. Drawing the shadow

Part of the shadow from the text can be drawn with a black brush.

Step 15. Text Size

Activate the Free Transform mode (Ctrl + T), hold down Ctrl + Shift and compress the text horizontally.

Step 16. Level Correction

Select the topmost layer and go to Adjustment Levels (Ctrl + L).

Step 17. Color balance

Select the lowermost background layer with the texture and go to Color Balance Correction (Ctrl + B), adjust the Mid Tones (Midtones).

Step 18. Cropping the image

Choose a tool Cropping (Crop Tool) (C) and clip a part of the image.

Step 19. Lighting

Apply a filter to the background layer. Lighting effects (Filter> Rendering> Lighting Effects) (Filter> Render> Lighting Effects). Use the settings shown in the screenshot, or use your own.

Step 20. Correction Curves

To lighten the text even more, apply the Curves correction (Ctrl + M).


Final result:

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