Layer text

Here you will learn how to create a cool double-layered effect for text. Use this technique when creating logos.

Create a new document of the size you need.

Use the tool , to write text.

Then duplicate the text layer. You now have two identical layers.

First we will work with the top layer.
Double-click on the text layer in the layers palette and apply the following styles:


Inner shadow:


Gradient overlay:

As a result, your text will look like this:

Make sure you are still on the top layer. Right-click and select. Rasterize (Rastrirovat)

After this operation, you will not be able to edit the text.

Now hide the top layer (turn off the eye) so that we can see the bottom layer.

Apply the following styles to the bottom layer:

Inner shadow:


Gradient overlay:


As a result, we have the following:

Open the top layer.

Grab the eraser tool , set a hard brush, and partially begin to erase the top layer, simultaneously showing the bottom.

Here your fantasy can roam! Change the size of the brush and the brush itself, wash in the places where you like.

As a result, get such effects!

We are waiting for your options!

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