Layered text in Photoshop

In this lesson we will learn how to create multilayer strokes for text using a Photoshop tool such as a smart object. For work, I use the version of Photoshop CS5, but you can use any version of this program, starting with CS2.

Here is the end result of doing this lesson. You can get completely different results in color, depending on your needs, taste or mood, but the steps to create this effect will be the same.

So let’s get started!

Step 1

Let’s write the text with which we will work in the future. Create a new layer using the tool. Text (Text Tool) write the word “style”. The background color is black.

This is how the layers panel looks like at this stage of our work:

To add the first stroke to our text, click on the icon Layer styles at the bottom of the layers panel.

Choose a style from the dropdown list. Stroke (Stroke).

In the dialog box that opens, select the color of our future stroke in the submenu Colour (Color):

In the opened color palette choose the color you like. I picked up a light blue tint, as my text was originally dark blue.

After you have selected the color, click OK.

Next, I increased the size of the stroke to 21 pixels. By setting the value I need in the window The size (Size).

Click OK. Here is what we get after adding the first stroke to our text:

Step 2

Now I plan to add a second stroke to the text, but by default Photoshop does not allow adding several stroke lines using the style of the layer. If you re-open the layer style dialog box and try to change the color and size of the stroke, the program will change the existing stroke of our text.

Then I converted the text layer to Smart object. The smart object works as a virtual container, placing our text in it with the first stroke layer, we can add a second line!

To do this, click on the icon at the top of the layers panel, as shown in the screenshot:

In the drop-down menu, select the option Convert to Smart Object (Convert To Smart-Object) /

After converting the layer to Smart object, The following icon will appear in the lower right corner of the layer preview:

Step 3

Add a second stroke line. To do this, click again on the Layer Styles icon at the bottom of the layers panel, select the option Stroke (Stroke).

The layer style dialog opens again. Stroke (Stroke). As in the previous step with adding a stroke, select the color and stroke size that suits you best. I chose a blue color and a stroke size of 10 pixels.

When done, click OK to close the layer style dialog box.

Here’s what I got as a result of adding a stroke to the smart object with the text inside:

Step 4

Repeat the previous two steps to add the required number of lines to your text. Before adding a new stroke line, remember to convert your layer to Smart object and everything will work out for you.

I added a third stroke line to my text. The color I picked up a light blue, as in the first line of the stroke, the size set to 10 pixels.

Click OK to close the layer style dialog box. And now I have three stroke lines around the text. Everything looks as if I added a triple stroke to the text, although in fact I used only one stroke directly to the text itself, the middle stroke line falls on the first smart object, and the top stroke line falls on the second smart object.

It is so easy and very simple to add any number of strokes to the text using just the layer style. Stroke (Stroke) and Smart Objects (Smart-Object) program Photoshop.

I hope you enjoyed the lesson, good luck with your creative work!

Author: Steve Patterson

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