Light breeze

This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to give a light breeze effect to the text.

It uses such tools as the text (Horizontal Type Tool), Paint (Bucket Tool), as well as one great filter effect wind (Filter> Stylize> Wind effect). So, let’s begin.

1. First open a new document in size. 29px * 161px. You can choose any color for the background and, of course, any font.
It uses sand color.
Take the text tool and write whatever you want.

2. We wrote “jp”.

Now, double click on the layer with text, the panel will appear blending option – there set the following parameters:

3. Add a volume effect to the text (Bevel and Emboss).

4. Here in the Bevel and Emboss panel, click on the window with the outline (Gloss Contour) – you will see the contour editing window Contour editor. Now set the same settings as below:

Add a stroke:

5. After giving all these effects, the text will look like this:

6. Now hold the key ctrl Click on the text layer to select it.

After selection, hide the text layer (click on the eye opposite the layer).

7. Now create a new layer. , call him Layer 1 and fill it with any color using the fill tool .

8. Now go to the main menu. Filter> Stylize> Wind
Set the parameter From the right, then From the left.

9. Now contact again Filter> Distort> Ripple and set the following parameters:

10. Click on the layer with the text + Ctrl to make a selection.

After selection, click on the layer – Layer1 and delete it.

11. Go to Image> Adjustment> Threshold.

12. Now click on the text layer (jp).
This time it will look like this:

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