Light volume

This Photoshop tutorial will show you how easy it is to make voluminous text.

Create a document of size 350×250 px

Choose some color and write text.

I took the color # 470294, font “Baskerville Old Face“, the size 90 px

Give the text a surface volume.
Double-click on the text layer – the panel will appear. Layer Style – select team Bevel and Emboss and set the following parameters:

The result is this:

Now we come to the most interesting moment!
Install the tool Move Tool , hold the key Alt and click on the down arrow on your keyboard.
Duplication of the layer will occur.
Repeat the same, but now click on the left arrow.

Repeat down-left about five times.

As a result, the word will look like this:

You can change the color of the very last layer.
Activate this layer, double click and in the panel Layer Style – select team Color overlay. There you can set the front color.

You can add a shadow – the same team Drop shadow with settings:

Here is the final result:

Successes! See you at www.!

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