Magenta text in the fog

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create an interesting text effect step by step using Photoshop.

To complete the lesson you will need average knowledge of working with the program, its functions and tools.

In the lesson, we will combine different brushes and blending modes with the text, as well as use the transformation tools and filters.

Let’s start!


Step 1

Create a new document with a black background (the size of the canvas does not matter for this lesson). Then use the font that you downloaded, and enter any inscription on the new layer.

Duplicate the text layer. Change the text color. Activate the tool Move (Move Tool) and move the text slightly to the right.

Duplicate the text layer again. Change the color again and also move the second copy slightly to the right relative to the first.

Step 2

Rasterize the text layers and merge them into one layer. Activate the tool Eraser (Eraser Tool). Use a soft eraser, opacity 30% -50%, and erase the sharp edges of the text, thereby giving it depth.

Now activate the tool Blur (Blur Tool) and blur some parts of the text.

As an addition, you can add a light base to the text (this step is optional). To do this, activate the tool Brush (Brush tool). Choose a white, soft round brush from the list and on the new layer, click on the brush at the top of the canvas so that you get a half white circle.

Then activate the tool Transform (Transform) and squeeze a white semicircle.

Reduce the opacity of the additional layer to 50%:

Step 3

Add the effect of light highlights on the letters. Create a new layer, activate the tool. Brush (Brush tool) and put a small white dot, as shown in the image below:

Press the key combination Ctrl + T for what ba activate Free Transform (Free transform). Then, squeeze and stretch the white dot in the form of a small ray.

Set blending mode for this layer. Overlap (Overlay).

Double duplicate the flare layer for a brighter effect.

Repeat the steps above and add light highlights to different parts of the text.

Step 4

Now add a pink haze. Duplicate the pink text layer that was created first. Move him above the rest. Switch to Filter> Blur> Motion Blur (Filter> Blur> Motion Blur). You will see a window asking you to rasterize the text. Click OK.

Apply these settings:

In order to enhance the effect of smoke, double-click the key combination Ctrl +F, This will repeat the last applied filter.

To add depth to the pink haze, activate the tool Eraser (Eraser Tool) and remove some areas of blur, as in the example below.

Duplicate this modified layer with blur three times, and you will get the following effect:

Step 5

We come to the final step. It remains to add some more light effects. To enhance the glow, repeat Step # 3. But leave the blending mode for the transformed point Normal (Normal).

You can also add some abstract particles using the appropriate brushes that you can find on the Internet.

To make the text look more expressive, create a combined copy of all layers. Then add a filter Contour sharpness (Unsharp Mask).

To make the text look more effective add brushes of smoke or clouds to it.

Translator’s Note: as an option youYou can use these brushes:brush 2.

As an addition, I also used a correction layer and added a blue tint to the whole image.

At this point the lesson is over! Here is what the final result looks like (click on the image below for a larger view):

I hope you are happy with your result. See you in the next lessons!

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