Make a glossy text in Photoshop

Step 1. Create a new 1200px * 800px document and fill it with black. Duplicate the background layer once (good habit) and select Gradient tool (G) and perform a gradient fill as shown below.

After applying the gradient, duplicate the layer once and on the second duplicate layer go to Edit> Transform> Flip Horizontal (edit – Transform – Flip horizontally) and change the layer blending mode to “Screen” (clarification).
You will have the following effect:

Step 2. We can make the background a little brighter and fresher. To do this, go to Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Color Balance (Layer – Correction – Color Balance) and apply the following settings:

Shadows (shadows)

Midtones (mid tone)

Higherlights (Sveta)

And we get the following:

Step 3. Download the font and write some text.

Apply overlay styles for this text. (Blending Options)
Drop shadow (shadow)

InnerShadow (inner shadow)

OuterGlow (external glow)

Inner glow (internal glow)

Bevel and Emboss (stamping/bevel)

Contour (circuit)

Gradient Overlay (gradient overlay)

We look that should turn out:

Step 4. Load the selection for the layer (ctrl + click on the layer icon)

Create a new layer, call it “Fiber” (at the same time we save the selection) and fill it with white.

Apply filter Filter> Render> Fibers (Filter – Rendering – Fibers) with these settings:

Add blur Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (FilterBlurBlurbyGauss):

Change the layer blending mode. fiber on “Lighten” (light replacement) and get the following:

Duplicate layer fiber and change the blending mode to “Overlay” (overlap)

Step 5. Now let’s color our text, make a text selection and create a new layer. “Color” and put it on top of all layers. And we paint with any colors.

Change the blending mode to “Color” and we get the following result:

Duplicate layer “Color” and change the blending mode to “overlay“(Overlap):

The author added several textures to the background:

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