Make a love message in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will tell you how to create a beautiful translucent text for St. Valentine’s Day using layer styles.

Let’s start the lesson by creating a new document in flash size 1000×500 pixels. Add a picture to the background, for this you can use any abstract image you have. If you wish, you can use my example:

This is the easiest part of the lesson – you just need to write the text. We use the tool Horizontal type tool (Horizontal text) and write the text in any color you want.

For my work I used the font. Arial Black (220 pt, Smooth) (Size 220pt, Smoothing method – Smooth). Do not forget to leave a space between the letters for our heart, we will add it a little later. Open this pattern or find something similar:

Further Edit> Define Pattern (Editing – Define the pattern) and save our pattern in flash. After this, we return to our text document. The following settings apply to the text layer:
Fill (Fill) layer – 0%

Next, go to Layer Stile (layer style) (double click on the layer icon) and sequentially set the following parameters. Parameter values ​​are below.
DropShadow(Shadow) – Multiply (Multiplication) color # 000000

InnerShadow(Inner Shadow) – Multiply (Multiplication) color # 012d54

OuterGlow(External glow)Screen (Lightening) color #ffffbe

InnerGlow(Inner Glow) – Linear Dodge (add) (Linear clarifier), color #ffffff

BevelandEmboss(Embossing and bevel) – style Inner Bevel (External bevel) method Smooth (Smooth)

Contour (Circuit)


Satin(Gloss) – Multiply (Multiplication) color # 000000

PatternOverlay(Overlapping pattern)

Stroke(Stroke) – position Center (Center) mode Normal (Normal), Fill Type (Stroke Type) – Gradient (Gradient) gradient style Liner (Linear), colors: #daeaea, # 014556, # 54a1ac, #cdfffe, # 4e9fa9, #cdfcff, # 73cdd7, # 025c61, # c7fdff

Now is the time to add a heart shape to our text. We use the tool Custom shape tool (Arbitrary shape) and choose the shape of the heart.

Note of translator: If you want to get a smooth heart, then while drawing the shape, hold Shift.

We have a heart inside our text between the letters, the color of the heart does not matter.

Now change this layer parameter Fill (Fill) by 0%. Next, copy the style of the layer with the text, to do this, right-click on the text layer, in the drop-down menu, select Copy Layer Style (Copy layer style)

After that, go to the layer with the heart, right-click on the layer, in the drop-down menu select Paste Layer Style (Paste layer style)

Here is what you should get as a result:

It looks pretty good, is not it? But I would like to change the color of the heart so that it differs from the text. Add Color overlay(Color overlay) in layer style: Color (Color) # 0886c0 mode Multiply (Multiplication).

In the end I would like to add a bright little star to our heart. Create New layer (New layer) select Rectangular marquee tool (Rectangular selection) and make a selection like in the screenshot and fill it with white.

Deselect with Ctrl + D and apply the filter Filter> Blur> Motion Blur (Filter-Blur-Blur in motion), Angle – 900, Distance (Offset) – 70.

See the difference:

Duplicate the layer with Ctrl + J and turn this copy through the menu Edit> Transform> Rotate 90 CW (Edit-Transform-Rotate 900 clockwise) or using the key combination Ctrl + T Rotate 90 CW (Turn 900 clockwise).

Take the tool Elliptical Marquee Tool (Oval area) and create a selection as in the screenshot. Create a new layer and fill the selection with white.

Note of translator: so that the selection is round, not oval, do not forget to press Shift.

Deselect Ctrl + D and apply a filter to the circle layer Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (Filter-Blur-Blur according to Gauss) with a radius of 10 pixels.

This is what should happen:

OK, now let’s merge all 3 layers together (Ctrl + E) and add style to this merged layer Outer glow (External glow): mode Screen (Lightening) color #ffffbe

Rotate our star with free transform. Ctrl + T. Now our image will look like this:

Here is our lesson and came to an end. I hope you liked the result.

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