Make grunge simple text in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we will create Arcade-style text with you using standard Photoshop tools, and I will teach you how to easily add a 3-D shadow to your image.

Our final image:

Lesson options:

  1. Program: Adobe Photoshop CS6 (the lesson is also suitable for versions CS3 and higher).
  2. Time: about 25 minutes.
  3. Complexity: for beginners.


Let’s get to work.

Step 1

Create a new document 900 x 690 pixels. Place the previously downloaded grunge texture into our document, placing it on top of the background layer. Then go to the menu Image – Correction – Discolor (Image – Adjustments – Desaturate).

Rotate the texture 90 degrees with Editing – Transformation – Rotate 90 Hours (Edit – Transform – Rotate 90 CW), by placing it horizontally, you can also reduce it to your taste if necessary.

Go to the menu Image – Correction – Levels (Image – Adjustments – Levels), set the following parameters:

Step 2

We write the text, we use the previously downloaded Age font with the size of 182 pt, color # b0cc00.

Double-click on the text layer to apply the following styles to it:

Stroke (Stroke).

Size (Size): 5 pixels.

Position (Position): Inside

Color (Color): # b0cc00 (as the color of the text itself)

Inner shadow (Inner Shadow).

Blend Mode (Blend Mode): Normal (Normal)

Color: #ffffff

Opacity: 90%

Offset (Distance): 9

Size (Size): 0

Gradient Overlay (Gradient Overlay).

Blend Mode (Blend Mode): Brightening the Base (Color Dodge)

Opacity: 45%

Scale: 150

Here’s what we get after applying layer styles:

Step 3

Create a copy of the text layer and move it below the original.

Step 4

Go to the menu Editing – Free Transformation (Edit – Free Transform) and press the down arrow button 1 time on the keyboard and the right arrow 1 time too. Press Enter.

Hold Alt + Ctrl + Shift + T to repeat the transformation. I duplicated the text layer 14 times (as a result, 15 layers were obtained) to create the effect of 3-D shadows. You can make more copies of the layer to your taste.

Step 5

We merge all the copies of the text layer into one; for this, with the Shift key pressed, click on the first and last layer with the text that form a shadow (do not touch the original text layer). Next, go to the Layers menu – Merge Layers (Layer Layers), rename the resulting merged layer to “3D Shadow”.

Double-click on the “3D Shadow” layer to open the style window and apply the following style:

Colour (Color Overlay)

Blend Mode (Blend Mode): Normal (Normal)

Color # 000000

Opacity: 100%

If the black color for the shadow you do not like, then you can choose the color to your taste.

Step 6

Duplicate the original text layer, hide the original layer by clicking on the eye, then we work with a copy. Go to the Layers menu – Rasterize – Layer Style (Layer – Rasterize – Layer Style). If you use earlier versions of Photoshop, you can do this as follows: create a group, put into it the layer we need, merge the group of layers.

Click on the Add Vector Mask icon.

Using the tool Eraser (Eraser Tool) draw on the layer mask, use any brush you like from the set downloaded at the beginning of the lesson. Reduce the size of the brush to about 350 – 500 pixels. and draw on the layer mask (set the foreground color to white).

Use different brushes to give the effect you want.

Here we are done. I hope the lesson will be useful to you. Good luck in your work!

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