Make honey text in photoshop

In this simple lesson we will learn to make such a warm text with the effect of honey.

Materials for the lesson:


Step 1. Create a new document with the size of 1200×900 pixels and fill the background with a color on the new layer. #eddbb9. If it seems to you that the image is too large, at the end, after mixing the layers, you can simply reduce the image.

Apply a layer style to this layer: Gradient Overlay (Gradient Overlay) off color #fff4e2 to transparent.

Step 2. Enter the text you have recently downloaded, the font size is 260 pt.

Step 3. Create a new layer above the text layer and fill it with honeycomb pattern.

Duplicate this layer and hide it, we will need it a little later.

Load a selection for a layer with text (Ctrl + click on the layer thumbnail) and invert the selection (Shift + Ctrl + I) and while standing on the original patterned layer, click Delete. Hide the text layer.

Step 4. Add the following layer styles to get this effect:


Inner shadow:

External glow:

Gradient overlay:

Duplicate this layer, clear the layer styles and lower the parameter. Fill (Fill) by 0%. Add other styles:

Stamping / bevel:


Open the invisible layer with the pattern and duplicate it again. Hide the duplicated layer and subtract for the lower layer Fill (Fill) to 0% and apply layer styles:

Inner shadow:

Stamping / bevel:


Contour Editor

On the duplicated layer, clear the layer styles and set Fill (Fill) by 0%. Apply layer style Embossing / Bevel (Bevel and Emboss).

Our delicious text is ready!

Author: Alexandra Fomicheva

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