Make retro text in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create an abstract, bright retro text effect.

Here is the final result:

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1. Create a new document of any size, fill the background with a gradient:

Create a new layer above the background, using special brushes or filter Clouds (Clouds) create clouds in the center and at the bottom of the document – this will be the basis for the text effect.
Do not create too dense clouds.

You can use the transformation in perspective (CTRL + T) to edit the shape of the cloud, which are below:

Step 2. Use the loaded font to write some text in the center of the canvas (I used yellow color):

Apply layer styles to text Layer – Layer Style (Layer – Layer Style):

Drop shadow (Shadow)

Inner glow (Internal glow)

Bevel and Emboss (Chamfer and Emboss)

Stroke (Stroke)

And we get the following result:

Duplicate (CTRL + J) the text layer twice and move each copy slightly to the left and up, reduce Opacity (Opacity) layers up to 15% and 40%:

Step 3. Now create a special brush. Create a new document of the same size as the main one with which we work. Create a new layer above the background.
On the toolbar choose Slice tool (Cutting) (C):

Click the right mouse button on the document and select Divide slice (Split layout):

Activate the parameter Divide vertically into (Split vertically) and enter the value 10, then click OK:

Then use Rectangular Marquee Tool (Rectangular selection) to select every other strip (hold SHIFT key for simultaneous selection):

Fill the selection with black:

And we get the following result:

Hide the background and turn Edit – Define Brush Preset (Edit – Define Brush):

Now we can rotate the stripes and create a new one. brush :

Then use the created brushes to create the texture (reduce Opacity (Opacity) and Flow (Press) brush up to about 30%):

Step 4. Now let’s create the base for the text layer. Create a new layer below the text layer and use the vertical stripes to create a texture, as shown below:

Apply Filter – Distort – Twirl (Filter – Distortion – Twisting) with such parameters:

We press CTRL + F, to reapply the filter Twirl (Twisting). We get the following result:

We use Free transform (Free Transformation) (CTRL + T) to compress it downwards, then decrease Opacity (Opacity) layer up to about 30%. After that we use eraser (E) to erase the edges. We get the following result:

Create a new layer above the previous one, use black soft brush (B) to gently draw a shadow under the text:

Step 5. Now create another abstract texture using our brushes. Create a new layer and select the circle with the tool. Elliptical Marquee Tool (Oval selection) (M), we take a brush with vertical lines (we reduce the size) and draw inside the selection (we reduce the opacity of the brush to 50%):

Then duplicate (CTRL + J) this layer and rotate the copy 90 degrees (CTRL + T):

Merge two layers (CTRL + E) and get the following result:

Use Warp (Warp) (CTRL + T) to transform the texture, as shown below:

When finished, duplicate (CTRL + J) texture several times and reduce the size of each copy, arrange them all over the document.
Adjust Opacity (Opacity) duplicates or use a soft eraser (E) with Flow (Push) and Opacity (Opacity) 50% to remove some areas of the texture. This is necessary to create a depth effect; the further the object is, the less visible it will be:

Step 6. We are almost done! As a final touch, I added a new layer above all the previous ones and used a small white one. brush (B) to draw dots around the text, as shown below:

I also created another new layer and set the blending mode to Overlay (Overlap), then took advantage of soft white brush (B) to create a glow effect on the edges of the letters:

I also added a bit more color to the text, I also applied Lense flare Filter (Glare):

If you want to learn how to use the Lens Flare filter on the text, see the lesson at
I also added small particles around the text. And now the final result looks like this:

Author: PSD Vault

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