Make text in Bengali lights in Photoshop

In this lesson you will learn how to create a New Year’s sparkling effect for text that is suitable for an invitation leaflet or greeting card.

Step 1

We start by creating a background layer that we fill with color # 221c19. Then we write any text. Font can choose at your discretion. The lesson used font Pacifico, which can be downloaded for free.

Step 2

Duplicate (Ctrl + J) the text layer, call the original “Sparks 1”, and a copy of “Sparks 2”. We continue the work with the “Iskra 1” layer by adding several layer styles. Color for layer style Stroke (Stroke) set to # 2b2222.

Step 3

Transform this layer into a smart object to be able to edit the text. To the Iskra 1 smart object, add layer styles. Color for Inner Glow (Internal glow) set to # 1a3956 and for Bevel and Emboss (Stamping) – at # 9dd7ff and # 000000.

Note: for the layer style Texture apply the pattern Noisy

Step 4

Next, go Filter – Distort – Ripple (Filter – Distortion – Ripple) and customize it. This filter is automatically converted into a smart filter, so that at any time we will be able to correct its settings by double-clicking on it. Again, convert the layer to a smart object.

Step 5

To the Iskra 1 smart object, add layer styles.

Step 6

Above the Iskra 1 smart object, we add a new layer and call it “Lava Texture”. We paste on this layer a picture with lava. Press the key combination Ctrl + Alt + G to convert the layer to a clipping mask. Due to this, the Iskra 1 smart object will behave like a mask for a layer with lava. Set the blending mode of the “Lava Texture” layer to Screen (Lightening).

Step 7

Add an adjustment layer Layer – New Adjustment Layer – brightness/ Contrast (Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Brightness / Contrast) and convert it into a clipping mask (Ctrl + Alt + G).

Step 8

Go back to the Iskra 2 layer and reduce it. Fill (Fill) to 0%. Add a layer style Stroke (Stroke) with a width of 10 px.

Step 9

Convert the Spark 2 layer into a smart object and add layer styles to it.

Note: for the texture layer style apply bump pattern-map

Step 10

Again, we transform the layer into a smart object and add a layer mask to it by clicking on the button Add layer mask (Add layer mask) at the bottom of the layers panel.

Step 11

Take Brush Tool (B) (Brush), select black and paint over the top of the “Spark 2” layer. Make sure that you have a layer mask selected, otherwise the effect will not work and the program will generate an error.

Step 12

On a new layer, add a texture with lava and transform the layer into a clipping mask for the “Spark 2” layer. Set the mode of mixing the layer with lava on Screen (Lightening).

Step 13

Add an adjustment layer Brightness/ Contrast (Brightness / Contrast) and convert it to a clipping mask, as shown below (Ctrl + Alt + G).

Step 14

Now we can add bunches of sparks. You can draw them yourself or use stock photos. On a new layer, insert an image with sparks and change its blending mode to Lighten (Replacing light). Eraser (E) remove excess.

Step 15

Add an adjustment layer Hue/ Saturation (Hue / Saturation) to adjust the colors as shown below. Make sure that the adjustment layer is transformed into a clipping mask for the layer with a beam of sparks so that the color correction acts locally, and not on the entire document.

Duplicate (Ctrl + J) a bunch of sparks with a correction layer, reduce its size, edit the rotation and place it on the first letter.

Step 16

To make the picture even brighter, we can add another bunch of sparks. Specifically for it, we need to add two adjustment layers: Brightness/ Contrast (Brightness / Contrast) and Hue/ Saturation (Hue / Saturation).

Step 17

Under the text on the new layer, add a texture with the bokeh effect. Blur it with a filter. Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur). Set the texture blending mode to Color Dodge (Lightening the basics).

Step 18

Duplicate (Ctrl + J) layer with bokeh effect and apply filter to it Filter – Distort – Twirl (Filter – Distortion – Twisting).

Press Ctrl + T to activate the free transformation, and increase the bokeh by about 500%, then rotate it so as to create an interesting light effect. Blend mode leave Color Dodge (Lightening the basics).

Step 19

We can also add an extra effect. Take Brush Tool (B) (Brush), increase its size and reduce the stiffness to 0%. Bright orange color draw chaotic spots on the letters. The blend mode of this layer can be set to Color (Chromaticity), Color Dodge (Lightening the basics) or Overlay (Overlap). Place this layer either above the beams of sparks or below them.

Step 20

To make the picture clearer, we can use the filter Filter – Other – High Pass (Filter – Other – Color Contrast).

Step 21

As a final touch, add an adjustment layer. Photo Filter (Photo filter) with a warm yellow tint (# f9be1d). Then another corrective filter Vibrance (Vibration). These layers should affect the entire document, so you do not need to convert them to a clipping mask.

And we get this final version of the text in the style of the New Year’s sparklers. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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