Making an application of letters in Photoshop

In this tutorial we will give the text a fabric structure using Filters and Layer Styles.



Step 1. Create a new document with the size of 1024 * 768. Fill the background with color. # 044476 then go to Menu -> Filter -> Texture -> Colored Tile (Filter -> Texture -> Patchwork), make sure the size of the squares four, and relief matters eight.

Go to Menu -> Filter -> Rendering -> Lighting Effects (Filter -> Render -> Lighting Effects)
Use the settings described below:

Again, go to Menu -> Filter -> Strokes -> Cross Strokes (Brush Strokes -> Crosshatch)

Step 2. Write the text. Text color # 00a2e5 TitleRockwell Extra Bold bold and size 480 pixels
Create a copy of the text layer, and make the original layer invisible (remove the eye next to it). Now we need to rasterize the layer. Right click Rasterize the layer.

Step 3. Leave the rasterized layer active. Set foreground color # 00a2e5 and background color # b2ebfc.
Go to Menu -> Filter -> Design -> Pointillism (Filter -> Pixelate -> Pointillize) Size of cell value five.

Step 4. Now we need to set the texture, the file is in the archive.
Double-click on the same layer, and apply the following layer styles:
Inner shadow: change the color to # 254e57, Offset 0, and size 49px.

StampingA: resize 32px, backlight mode color # 7d93a0, and shadow mode color # 164b7c.

Texture: Apply the texture you set (how to set the texture).

Step 5. Right-click on the original text layer (invisible layer) and select Create work path
You will see gray lines around the text.

Step 6. Now we will change the settings Brushes to create the border of our text

Make sure that the text and background colors are still the same as in step 3 and check the Color Dynamics box, then set Foreground / Background Jitter (Foreground / Background Jitter) to 100%. This will make the brush colors in the range from the text color to the background, creating a beautiful effect.
We expose the settings further.

Step 7. Create a new layer, make sure the tool Brush still active and that the path is still available and then click Enter.(Alternatively, you can choose a tool Pen (Pen Tool) Outline the contour , then delete the contour).

Double-click on the layer, apply the following layer styles:
Shadow: leave values ​​as they are by default.

Stroke: . Resize 1px, blend mode to Multiply, and color # a2cae4.

You should have a result similar to this:

Step 8. Make sure that the path is still available, if for some reason there isn’t, then create it again.
Create a new layer above the previous layer .. Select Brush with a stiff brush and change its size to 9 pixels

Change the foreground color to # 5895c4, and uncheck the box Dynamics colors.
Click Enter again to change the path with the new brush on the new layer.
Change the blending mode to Bright light
Finally, click on the tool and then press Enter to get rid of the work path.

And this is the end result:

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