Making marble text in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a luxurious metal textured text effect in marble using only layer styles and textures.

The final result.

Program: Adobe Photoshop CS6. Also fit versions starting with CS3.


1. RiotSquad Font
2. Texture MMarble
3. Texture of Concrete Wall 2
4. Texture Plastic texture 1
5. Gradients

Archive with materials for the lesson you can download HERE (5 MB)

Step 1

Create a new document with dimensions. 1152 x 864 px. Set foreground color to # 5e4a3f and background color on # 271509. Choose a tool Gradient tool (Gradient), in the options, select Linear. Draw a gradient from the top of the canvas to the bottom.

Go to menu Filter> Noise> Add Noise (Filter-Noise-Add Noise). Set the parameters as shown below.

Step 2

Create text in capital letters using the font RiotSquad.Colour # c7c7c7,size ptp If you have more than one line of text, then set the leading value (Leading) 310 pt.

Duplicate the text layer. Install Fill (Fill) copies at 0%. Then duplicate the copy.

Step 3

Double click on the original text layer and apply the following layer styles.

Bevel and Emboss (Embossed)

– Depth -30.
– Size (Size) -15
– Make sure the box is ticked on Anti – aliased.
– Highlight Mode (Backlight Mode) – Vivid Light (Bright light) – Color (Color) – # e0e0e0
Shadow Mode (Shadow Mode) – Color (Color) – # 4f3a11

Inner shadow (Inner shadow)

Color – # 78614b
Distance (Offset) -0
– Size (Size) -16

Pattern overlay (Overlay pattern)

– Texture – MMarble

Drop shadow (Shadow)

– Color – # 804d2e
Distance (Offset) -7
– Spread -10
– Size (Size) -10

In the end, you should get it.

Step 4

Double click on the first copy of the text and apply the following layer styles.

Bevel and Emboss (Embossed)

– Size (Size) -16
– Uncheck Use Global Light
– Angle (Angle) -45
– Altitude – 74
– Tick ​​on Anti – aliased (Smoothing).
– Highlight Mode (Backlight Mode) – Vivid light (Bright light)
– Shadow Mode (Shadow Mode) – Color (Color) – # 393939

Contour (Circuit)

– Circuit- Half round (Semicircle)
– Tick ​​on Anti – aliased (Smoothing)

Texture (Texture)

– Texture- MMarble

This will add a simple 3D look to the text.

Right-click on the copy of the text layer and select Copy Layer Style (Copy layer style). Go to the second copy, right-click and select Paste Layer Style (Paste the layer style).
On the second copy, open the layer styles and in the style Bevel and Emboss (Emboss) change the Size to 40 and uncheck the tab Texture (Texture).

This will add a gloss effect.

Choose a tool Brush tool (Brush) stiffness 100% size 15 px. Change the foreground color to # a5a5a5. Create a new layer on top of all layers and rename it to Diamonds.

Double click on this layer and apply the following layer styles.

Bevel and Emboss (Embossed)

– Technique (Method) – Chisel hard (Hard cut)
– Gloss Contour (Gloss Contour) – Rolling Slope – Descending (Wavy slope)
– Tick ​​on Anti – aliased (Smoothing)
– Highlight Mode (Backlight Mode) – Linear light (Linear light)
– Shadow Mode (Shadow Mode) – Opacity (Opacity) -35%

Contour (Circuit)

Tick ​​on Anti – aliased (Smoothing)

Texture (Texture)

– Texture- Concrete wall 2
– Depth -508%

Drop shadow (Shadow)

– Color – # 804d2e
– Opacity – Opacity 55%

Now using the tool Brush tool (Brush) Start adding points on thin pieces of text to create diamonds. Try to spread them evenly.

Open image Plastic texture 1 and place in the working paper above all layers. Edit the size of the texture (Ctrl + T). Change the layer’s overlay mode to Soft light (Soft light) and lower Opacity (Opacity) up to 50%.

Click on the icon Create new fill or adjustment layer (Create a new adjustment layer or a fill layer) at the bottom of the layers panel and select Gradient map (Gradient Map).

Set the gradient set FOILS.grd. Select gradient Chrome c7. Set the blending mode to Soft light (Soft light) and lower Opacity (Opacity) up to 45%.

We are done! Very simple and fast, but neat and elegant! We hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

The final image.

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