Making the text of the LED in Photoshop

In this tutorial we will create text from LEDs that are used in LED screens. To create this effect, we use an LED texture. You will also see how easy it is to recreate a computer screen in Adobe Photoshop.

So let’s get started!

The final result:

Step 1

Open Photoshop. Create a new PSD document, install resolution (resolution) 72 dpi, Color mode (color mode) Colors Rgb (RGB), 8 bit. Create a new layer, name this layer. Screen texture (Computer Monitor Texture). Fill this layer with dark gray # 3b3b3b.

Step 2

To the created layer, add layer styles. Internal glow (Inner Glow) and Pattern overlay (Pattern Overlay). Download the LED texture from the link at the beginning of this tutorial, and then install the PAT file in Photoshop so you can use the pattern.

Step 3

Create a new layer, name this layer. Screen text (Computer Monitor Text). Write your text. Font color is white. As a font, I used the Intro font, because it has simple geometric lines, besides this, it is a grotesque font. In typography, grotesque and chopped fonts or just fonts similar to them do not have any distinctive features, the so-called “serifs” at the ends of the main strokes.

Step 4

Transform the text layer into a smart object, to do this, right-click on the text layer and in the appeared window select the option Transform at smart-an object (Convert to Smart Object). To layer with smart object, add layer style External glow (Outer Glow).

Your text should look like the screenshot below.

Step 5

It’s time to apply a layer style. Pattern overlay (Pattern Overlay) to the layer with the smart object, using the LED texture you downloaded earlier.

Step 6

Next, we apply several smart filters. Smart filters are ordinary Photoshop program filters that are applied to smart objects, so they become smart filters; This means that they can be edited without losing the original information. So let’s go Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur).

Step 7

Next, go Filter – Blur – Motion Blur (Filter> Blur> Motion Blur). Set the following settings for this filter, which are shown in the screenshot below.

Step 8

Next, go Filter – Design – Mosaic (Filter> Pixelate> Mosaic). Set the following settings for this filter, which are shown in the screenshot below. This way you get a soft pixel effect.

Step 9

Let’s add an adjustment layer Gradient fill (Gradient Fill) to create a glare of the screen on a computer monitor. Blend mode Normal (Normal), Opacity (opacity) layer 6%.

Step 10

Next, add an adjustment layer. Selective color correction (Selective color) to slightly change the color tones.

Step 11

As a final touch, I added an adjustment layer. Vibration (Vibrance). Set the value Vibrations (Vibrance) +35, and the value Saturation (Saturation) +100. Select all layers, and then convert the selected layers into a smart object. Next, go Editing – Transformation – Distortion (Edit> Transform> Distort) to change the perspective of the monitor screen. So, we created the text from the LEDs in Photoshop.

You can add different colors to create a beautiful text effect. For example, you can add a gradient adjustment layer with blending mode Chromaticity (Color), and then in the settings of the gradient, select a multicolored gradient or a solid gradient. Examples of text from various LEDs, you can see below.

Thank you for being with me. Have a good day!

The final result:

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