Melting ice

In this tutorial, I would like to show you how to create melting ice text effect using filters and layer styles.

Step 1. Create a new document 450X350 pix. Then create a new layer and call it Ice. Using the tool HorizontalType, (“Horizontal text”), we write “BURN ICE”, for example, with a font “DSSonof“85p

Step 2. Apply Layer > LayerStyles > BlendingOptions (“Layer – Layer Style – Blending Options) with the following settings:
Stroke (“Stroke”) – color #6fbdf3

Gradient overlay (“Overlay gradient”) – color # c8dbea

Color overlay (“Overlay color”) – color # 9ad6df

Satin (“Gloss”) – color # a6d5f5

Bevel and Emboss (“Emboss”) – color # 76c0de

Contour (“Circuit”)

Texture (“Texture”)

Step 3. Apply Filter > Stylize > Wind (“Filter – Styling – Wind”) with the following settings: Method >Wind, Direction > FromtheRight(“Method> wind, Direction> Right)

Step 4. Create a new layer Burn With the same text and dark gray fill for glowing text. Flip the canvas as shown in the picture below and apply Filter > Stylize > Wind (Filter – Styling – Wind) with the following settings:Method> Wind, Direction > FromtheRight(Method> wind, Direction> Right).

Then Edit > Transform > Rotate 90 CCW(Image – Rotate canvas – 90 counterclockwise). Apply Filter> Stylize> Wind (Filter – Stylize – Wind) twice with the settingsMethod> Wind, Direction > FromtheRight(Method> Wind, Direction> Right). Then Edit> Transform> Rotate 90 CW (Image – rotate canvas – Rotate 90 clockwise) .Create a duplicate of this layer.

Step 5. Select layer “Burncopy“and apply to it Filter > Distort > Ripple (Filter – Distortion – Ripple) with settingsAmount > -258, Size > Medium(Degree> -258, Size>
Average) and then clickCtrl+E, to merge this layer with the previous layer Burn.

Step 6. Use the tool GradientTool (Gradient). Select half black — half the dark orange gradient and fill by dragging across your image. Set layer blend mode to ‘color‘(“Color”).

Step 7. Include layers with ice and glowing text and you will get the desired result, but in order for the picture to look good you need to place it on a black background. And you get this text:

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