Mystical effect for text

In this lesson we will try to learn how to give the text a mystical effect.

Materials for the lesson:

Now we create a new document (the author chose the dimensions 800 * 600px with black background color) and write the text in white with the font previously downloaded.

Go to Blending options – blending options

Drop shadow (shadow)

Bevel and Emboss (stamping)

Color for option Bevel and Emboss (stamping)

Gradient overlay (gradient overlay)

Now open the image with the texture,

we place it on top of the other layers and drag the selection from the text onto the layer with the texture (Ctrl + click on the thumbnail of the text layer). Right-click and select Create Clipping Mask – create clipping mask (Alt + Ctrl + G).

Go to Image – Adjustmens – Curves (Image – Correction – Curves) and apply the following parameters:

Now change the blending mode of this layer to Screen – lightening and now fail Blending options (blending options) Inner Glow – internal glow and dark brown Satin – gloss

Now add contrast big round brush dark yellow color with low transparency on the layer with the texture:

Duplicate the texture layer and apply a filter to it. Glass – glass. To do this, go to Filter – Distort – Glass (Filter-Distortion-Glass) with the following parameters:

This layer will change Blending options – blending options in this way Color burn – darkening of the base:

Additionally, the author suggests to add the filter Median Filter-Noise-Median (Filter-Noise-Median) to the upper texture layer and change the blending mode to Color dodge – lightening basics

Layer overlay options

Final result:

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