Neon letters

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will learn how to create a glowing neon effect for text.

Create a document of size 300×300 px.
Fill up black color.
Type a letter or word.

Press the key combination Ctrl + click on the text layer to select it.

Click the English letter “M“and move the selection to 4-5 px down and on 2 px to the right.

Click shift + ctrl + I – to invert the selection and then click together alt + shift + ctrl and click on the layer with the text.
You should have this selection:

Create a new layer. Shift + ctrl + N.
And fill the selection with white.

Click Ctrl + d – to deselect.
Now contact the main menu. filter> blur> gaussian blur and make a blur on 1.4 – 1.6 px.

Contact again filter> render> lighting effects and apply the following settings to the white blur layer.

After adding a glow effect, the letter will look like this:

Now, double click on the text layer and add the following styles:

Here is the result after adding styles:

Create a new layer.
Draw two stars on the letter using the brush tool. of the following type:

Change the layer blending mode (blending mode) on Soft light.

Here is our new text :)

You can draw some words in the same way, for example:

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