Original design of the text

I was looking at the magazine Glamor, there is still nothing to read, and I noticed how interesting the text was written there …

Now I will help you do the same!

Create a new document of the size you need.

Take the tool – Rectangle in shape mode
In the palette, set any color I used # da5d19

Draw one rectangle first. Then duplicate it several times. For quick duplication you can pinch Alt and drag the rectangles right on the document.

Make as many strips as you need. You can make some longer, others shorter, in different directions. All this can be done with the help of Free Transformation.

Now at the bottom of the layers palette, click on the button and apply to one of the strips style “Shadow“(Drop Shadow)

Here are my options:

With the help of the shadows, the strips are detached from each other, the picture will look more voluminous.

Now it’s time to write the text. Take the desired font in white. I used Arial Black.

Write text on strips. To rotate hold Ctrl – a frame will appear, now you can position the text at the same angle as the strip.

Thus, you will receive a stylishly designed text that can be used to create advertising, postcards and other graphic works!

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