Perspective inscription in Photoshop

In this lesson you will learn how to create text in perspective with reflection and with a 3D effect.

Let’s get started

Step 1. Create a new document. Ctrl + N with dimensions of 300×175 pixels. Write any text you like. The author used the font Velvenda Cooler.

Step 2. Duplicate the text layer and name it “Reflection.”

Step 3. Select the “Reflection” layer and go to the menu Editing-Transforming-Flip Vertically (Edit -> Transform -> Flip Vertical). Then move the “Reflection” layer below and place it under your text.

Step 4. Create a new layer, use the button below on the layers panel and position it above the “Reflection” layer.

Step 5. Now you need to set the foreground color. white. See the screenshot.

Step 6. Choose a tool Gradient (Gradient Tool), in the tool settings, set Gradient Type – Linear. Choose a gradient from white to transparent.

Step 7. Apply a gradient from the bottom of the document to the middle of the main text. Repeat this step again and see which option you like best.

Step 8. Select the “Reflection” layer and set for it Opacity (Opacity) 60%.

Step 9. Select all layers except background, for this with the key pressed Shift Click on the bottom layer and on the topmost that you need to select. Then click PKM and select the option Convert to Smart Object (Smart Object), then rasterize the layer.

Step 10. Make the newly created layer active and go to the menu. Editing-Transforming-Perspective (Edit> Transform> Perspective) and position the text as shown below.

Step 11. Select the text layer, hold down the Alt key, check that the tool is the active tool. Move (Move) and press the key once Left arrow, and then thrice key Up arrow.

The final step: put the blending mode on the topmost layer Lightening (Screen).
That’s all. The final result.

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Author: Faze One Studio

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