Phosphoric letters

Now Photoshop will show you another fascinating effect for text.

Attention: Photoshop version for this tutorial should be SC 2 and up.

Create a new document in photoshop (you can immediately black background).

Write some word. Here the text is written too black color, and for you to see it – it is circled. When you begin to apply styles, the text will immediately appear.

Double-click on the text layer to open the Add Styles window. Apply the following styles with the parameters as in the screenshots:

Intermediate result:

Click Ctrl + T (free transformation).
Right click – select Warp.
Place the shape change points as shown in the picture:

Squeeze the text vertically.

Duplicate the layer (Layer – Duplicate the layer).

From the menu Layer select layer style> create layers.
Select layers and merge all the resulting layers.
From the menu Filter select Blur> Motion Blur.

Set the following settings:

Change layer blending mode to “Hard Light”.

Draw a circle with the tool (elliptical shape tool).
Apply the same styles as the text.

Similarly, create a few more circles of different sizes, but in the same style.

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