Sculpt text from plasticine in photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create text from clay in Adobe Photoshop in less than 15 minutes, using layer styles, as well as the Distort filter.

Download the archive with materials for the lesson

The final result:

Step 1

Create a new document 600 x 400 px, then go View – Show – Grid (View> Show> Grid) to activate the grid, and then go Preview – Snap To – Grid Lines (View> Snap To> Grid) to snap to grid. Press the keys (Ctrl + K) to bring up the window Installations (Preferences), then select the setting Guides, mesh, etc. (Guides, Grid Slices) and set the settings that are shown in the screenshot below. Throughout the lesson, I will turn off the grid visibility (Ctrl + ‘) so that you can see better. The grid will facilitate your work when creating shapes.

Step 2

In the layers palette, select the layer with Background (Background layer). Next, click on the lock icon to unlock the layer.

Go to the toolbar, set the foreground color to # 333F44. Choose a tool Fill (Paint Bucket Tool) to fill the canvas with the selected shade.

Step 3

Apply layer styles to an existing layer. Set the settings for the layer styles shown in the screenshots below.

Step 4

Choose a tool Horizontal text (Horizontal Type Tool), install the Insaniburger font.

Add text ‘SCHOOL’ (SCHOOL), font size 130 px, font color # 000000.

Step 5

On the text layer, right-click and select the option in the window that appears. Convert to Smart Object (Convert to Smart Object).

Next, go Filter – Distortion – Ocean Waves (Filter> Distort> Ripple). Install amount (Amount) by 90%, and The size (Size) on Average (Medium).

Step 6

Apply layer styles to the text layer. Set the settings for the layer styles shown in the screenshots below.

Step 7

Hold the key (Ctrl) + click on the thumbnail of the text layer to load the active selection around the text.

Next, go Selection – Modification – Compress (Select> Modify> Contract) and in the appeared window set Compression (Contract by) on 8 px.

Press the button Create New Layer (Create a new layer) at the bottom of the layers panel.

Set foreground colors to #Ffffff, select instrument Fill (Paint Bucket Tool) to fill the selection area.

Once you have filled, press the keys (Ctrl + D) to cancel the active selection.

Step 8

Finally, apply the layer styles to the layer you created in the previous step. Set the settings for the layer styles shown in the screenshots below.

We have completed the lesson. I hope you enjoyed this lesson and it was easy for you. Thank you for your attention and good luck!

The final result:

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