Shocking text

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to draw text that will shock your viewer.

Create a new document size 400×400 px with a transparent background. Rename our single layer to “Background”.

Fill ( Edit> Fill/ Edit> Fill) the background layer in black.

Take the text tool and write some shocking word in white and thick type.

The font used for this lesson is Impact size in 80

Rasterize the text ( Layer> Rasterize> Text/ Layer – Rasterize – Text). Name this layer “text”.

Next, duplicate the text layer and name it “Text 2”. Hide the layer “Text 2” by clicking on the eye to the left of the layer.

Activate the “Text” layer in the layers palette and merge the visible layers (Layer> Merge Visible / Layer – Merge visible).

Rotate the image on 90 degrees clockwise ( Edit> Transform> 90 degrees CW / Edit – Transform – Rotate 90 degrees clockwise)

And apply the filter “Wind” ( Filter> Stylize> Wind / Filter – Styling – Wind)
Method – “Wind“(Wind)
Direction – “From the right” (on right)

And repeat the filter action – click Ctrl + F

Now apply this filter again, only change the direction parameter to “left”. Repeat (Ctrl-f) this filter.

Turn the word in the opposite direction ( Edit> Transform> 90 degrees CCW / Edit – Transform – Rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise). Now we will again apply the “Wind” filter, but only once in each direction.

So, ( Filter> Stylize> Wind / Filter – Stylization – Wind) – once to the right and once to the left.

Next, apply the filter “Ripple” ( Filter> Distort> Ripple / Filter – Distortion – Ripple) so that the wind lines become a bit wavy.

Open the color / saturation window (Ctrl + U), check the box next to Colorize (toning) and choose a color to your liking.

And the final touches:

Return the “Text 2” layer and activate it in the layers palette.

Select the text, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the layer window.

Reduce the selection ( Select> Modify> Contract / Selection – Modification – Compress) on 2 px. And now execute the fill (Edit> Fill / Edit – fill) selection with black color.


Actually, the lesson is over, you can relax. But if someone is interested to learn how to make the text more contrast, then read on.

First, merge all the layers ( Layer> Merge Visible / Layer – Merge visible).

Duplicate the existing layer twice; you now have three layers in the palette.

Change the blending mode to medium to “screen“(lightening).
And the top on “overlay“(Overlap).

Now your text is simply irresistible!

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