Smear the text on the cup

This lesson will show you how to program. Photoshop place text on a volumetric circular object.

We will consider this effect on the example of a cup of coffee.

Open your image with the object on whose surface you want to place text.

Create a new layer. Layer> New> Layer.

Write a word or phrase on this layer. The handwritten font is best suited for this effect.

Also set the appropriate size and color of the text. In our case, black text goes well with black stripes on the cup.

We start the transformation of the text.

Make sure your text layer is active.
Then go to menu Layer> Type> Warp Text.

You will see such a window:

Here you need to select the type of transformation (string “Style“)

Select the “Arch” view (Arch), then click on Horizontal (Horizontal)

By default, the “Arch” view parameter is set to be convex, that is, the shape of the rainbow.

And we need to arch turned out like a smile – a concave.

To do this, move the slider Bend left until a negative number appears.

We have determined that the number -22 in our case will be the most optimal. The bending of the letters follows the curve of the edge of the cup.

Find your value and click OK!

Useful notes:

Use the move tool , to position your text correctly.

If you want to rotate the text, then refer to the menu Edit> Transform> Rotate.

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