Smoke text in Photoshop

Recently, I have a need for a quick method of creating a smoky text effect for advertising, which would include text from a cloud of smoke. I found that the effect is easily created using the tool. Finger (Smudge tool) in Photoshop, which distorts the text in the form of smoke. Let’s get down to creating!

The final result.

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1

Create a new document with dimensions. 800 × 800 and resolution 72dpi. Let’s start with the background with a subtle texture. The link to the texture is in the archive, but you can use any other texture you like. We chose a texture so that the smoke and the text were clearly visible on it and did not merge with the background.

Let’s enhance the background a little by adding light. Big soft black brush (brush) I walked around the edges of the image on a new layer. Then, using a larger white brush, he drew a bright spot in the center on a new layer, setting the blending mode to it. Overlap (Overlay).

Step 2

It’s time to add some text. I used the font League Gothic. After typing the text, rasterize the text layer, to do this, right-click on it and select from the pop-up menu Rasterize the text (Rasterize Type).

Apply Gaussian Blur Filter to Text – Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur) with a radius of 2 – 3 pixels.

Install opacity (opacity) text layer 85%. Now select each letter with the tool. Rectangular area (Rectangular Marque Tool) (M), cut and paste each on a separate layer. When done, each letter will be on its own layer. Now place the letters as in the image below.

When you are satisfied with the position of the letters, you can again merge them into one layer, selecting the layers and clicking Ctrl +E.

Step 3

Using the brushes that we loaded earlier, add smoke on a new layer, placing it above the letter layer.

Return to the text layer. Choose a tool Finger (Smudge tool) from the toolbar.

At the top, on the tool settings panel, change intensity (strength) on 20%. Now pull the edges of the letters, repeating the direction of the curls of smoke. You may need to spend several times in the same place to get the desired result.

Continue this process by changing the size of the brush until the letters mix with smoke.

More work with the Finger tool … I also used Eraser (Eraser tool) with low opacity in order to slightly erase the letters in certain places, opening up more smoke.

Final correction

To add more contrast to the image, I created an adjustment layer. Levels (Levels) over all other layers and used the settings below.

Here is final image, which I did.

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