Strawberry text

In this Photoshop tutorial we will learn to create a strawberry texture, and then apply it on the text.

Create a new document. 100 x 100 px, Next, set the main color to bright redD01111 and fill the background.
Change the color to light yellowF2EA70 take the tool and draw a tiny oval as below. It will be a seed.

Now add the “Outer Glow” style to the seed layer (click on this button at the bottom of the layers palette to find layer styles).

A light shadow will appear around:

Pinch Alt and propagate the seed to make a real strawberry texture. Once the texture is ready, go to the menu. Editing – Define a pattern (“Edit” – “Define Pattern”).
Give a name and go to the next step.

Create a new document here 350 x 180, grab the Text tool, choose the appropriate tidy font and size. Place the text on the document.

Then you will see a series of styles that will need to be applied to your text. The first one is “Add Shadow”

Now “Inner Shadow”

“Inner Glow”


And finally, the overlay of the newly created texture!

As a result, you get such a juicy, tasty and fragrant text. As you can see, you can add leaves, twigs and everything you want to this strawberry text. Enjoy!

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