Subdue the fire in Photoshop

Fire Text is one of the classic techniques that people like to use in Photoshop lessons. I will show another version of using real fire images using filters and blending mode. Go!

Materials for the lesson:

Create a large document with a black background. Select Type Tool (T) (The tool “Horizontal text”), size 280pt, font Trajan Pro, and write the number “1”. Font paid. But you can use any other you like.

Right-click on the text layer and select Overlay Settings. Blending Options – Outer Glow (The parameters of the overlay – External glow), see the parameters below.

Then go to Blending Options – Color Overlay (Overlay options – Color overlay) settings below.

Blending Options – Satin (The blending options are Gloss).

Blending Options – Inner Glow (Overlay settings – Inner Glow)

Again right click on the layer and select Rasterize (Rasterize the text). Select Eraser Tool (E) (Eraser tool) 200 pixels, erase the top of the text.

Go to Filter – Liquify (Filter – Plastic). Select Forward Warp Tool (W) (Tool “Warp”), settings, see below. Using this tool make waves on the sides of the text.

Download the fire image from the archive. Open it in Photoshop, go to the Channels palette and select the Green layer. Ctrl + Left click on the layer thumbnail, loading the selection of the bright area.

Select an RGB channel using Move Tool (V) (Tool “Move”) move part of the flame in the document with the text “1”, to move only the fire, move the tool “Move” on the selected area so that scissors appear under the arrow. Put the fire on top of the number.

Select again Eraser tool (E) (Tool “Eraser”), size 15 pixels, erase the extra flames, leave the part that curls around the text.

Duplicate the fire layer. For the initial layer, change the opacity to 30%, for the duplicated layer, change the blending mode to Overlay (Overlap).

Repeat the previous process of overlapping text with fire. And then you get the first flaming inscription!

Create more glowing letters at your discretion.

Download the background from the Internet. Move to our document, adjust to the size of the canvas, as shown below.

Create a new layer above the new background and fill it with black. Change the opacity to 50%. Using Eraser clear area with wooden floor.

Create another new layer, name it “Glow”. Draw 3 large dots of red with soft brushes, as shown below.

Change Blend Mode to Color dodge (Lightening the basics). We finished this lesson. I hope he will help you in your future work.
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