Tattered text

In this Photoshop tutorial we will give the text a trendy effect.

Start by typing on the new document.

Double-click on the text layer to open the Add Styles panel. Select volume option – Bevel and Emboss.

Select the stroke option – Stroke.

You should have this:

Duplicate this layer and bring up the Styles panel again – double click on the layer. Apply these styles:


Gradient Fill:


As a result, get such a striped text:

From the menu Layer select layer style> create layers.
Select and merge the resulting layers together.
Hide the original text layer. Choose a tool (smudge tool) and set the size of the brush as shown in the screenshot.

With this tool, scratch a few letters of the word.

Again open the style bar and add text to the inner shadow, volume, fill color and stroke.

Open the original text layer.

Here is the result!

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