Text from a block of ice

In this Photoshop tutorial we will cut the word out of a huge ice block.

Create a new document somewhere 800×300.

Set the colors in the palette like this: (press “D”).

Then Filter-> Render-> Clouds (Filter – Rendering – Clouds).

Write your icy word, preferably in a large massive font.

CTRL + click on a layer with text in the layers palette to make a selection appear.

After go SELECT-> Feather (Selection – Feather) and enter a value = 3. Hide the text layer.

Set the primary color to white and the background color to light gray.7E7E7E

Create a new layer.
Then Filter-> Render-> Clouds (Filter – Rendering – Clouds)

After Layer-> Flatten Image (Layer – Run down).
(if asked to remove the hidden layer, say yes)

Now go to menu Image-> Rotate Canvas-> 90CW (Image – Rotate the canvas – 90 degrees to the right.

After Filter-> Stylize-> Wind (Filter – Stylization – Wind)

Method (method): Wind (Wind).
Direction: From the right (on right).

Click 7 times CTRL + F to repeat the filter action.

Then rotate the image in the opposite direction:
Image-> Rotate Canvas-> 90CCW

Now Filter-> Sharpen-> Unsharp Mask (Filter – Sharpness – Contour sharpness).
Amount: 500%
Radius: 2
Threshold: 0

Then Filter-> Sharpen-> Sharpen (Filter – Sharpness – Sharpness).

Apply twice …

Now you need to add colors. Open the window color balance (Ctrl + B, color balance) or color / saturation (Ctrl + U), play there with the settings and select the color suitable for the ice effect)

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