Text from pencils in Photoshop

In this lesson you will learn how to create text in the form of simple pencils.

Materials for the lesson:

Create a new document and paste the texture of notebook paper there using the layer style Pattern overlay (Overlay pattern). Then we write any text. In my example, used Kartika font.

Now we have to convert the text into a shape. To do this, click on the layer with the right mouse button and select Convert to shape (Convert to shape). As a result, new nodules appeared along the contour of the text, and we will be able to edit it like a regular vector shape.

Duplicate the text layer and using tools Convert point tool (Convert point) Delete Anchor point tool (Delete an anchor point) and others edit the text as shown below. The upper layers are black and the lower layers are yellow.

Also use Add to Shape Area (Add a shape to the area) and Subtract from Shape Area (Subtract from the figure area).

Now, with the help of layer styles, we will give the text a pencil effect. Open the window Layer style (Layer style) and add the following styles. Remember that these settings are relevant for a particular text size. If your inscription is large / small, you must adjust the style parameters.

Color # b45d00

Color # 340e0e

Color # ffd147

You can experiment with different color variations by adjusting the layer style settings. We get the following result:

For a more realistic result, you can try blending the wood texture Overlay (Overlap).

Now create the tip of the pencil. Via Pen tool (Pen) (p) draw a cone and apply a layer style to it Gradient overlay (Gradient overlay) using the following colors: # 5e3718, # e1c79f and # f6e9ce.

With the same tool we draw a black pencil lead, then draw a small gray highlight to make it realistic. Thus, we got a vector pencil in the shape of the letter P.

We convert all layers with slate in a smart object, duplicate it and add it to other pencils, as shown below.

Now, with the same tools, draw an eraser on a pencil. Create a rectangular shape and fill it with a gray gradient.

For the metal part, adjust the gradient as shown below. Then draw the eraser itself.

We convert the eraser layers into a smart object, duplicate it and move the copies to other letters, as shown below.

Select all layers with pencils and convert them into a smart object. Add a layer style Drop shadow (Shadow).

For more creativity, you can experiment with different effects: torn paper, scotch tape or stickers.

In addition, each letter can be painted in different colors by adjusting the layer style parameters. Gradient overlay (Gradient overlay).

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