Text from snowdrops

Perhaps before meeting this Photoshop tutorial, you always wondered how some people manage to make text from a photo.
Now I will show you in just a couple of steps how it happens.
Everything is very simple here!

Open the photo you want to fill in the text.
It’s May in the yard now, so I’ll take a photo of the snowdrops and write the word MAY.

Set the main color as white, select the font, preferably with wide letters, then the picture will be more visible. And write the word.

Here is my option. I used the Boyarsky font and the size is 270 px (so big, because the picture was large :)

Now we need to select the text.
Left click on the text layer in the palette Layers, holding the key Ctrl – a dashed selection should appear.

We need to turn the background layer into a regular one.
To do this, run the command Layer – New – Background From Layer

Now the panel Layers looks like that:

Stand on a layer with a photo, click Ctrl + C to copy the layer and then Ctrl + v to paste.
Now look at the panel Layers:

There appeared a layer with the text filled with background!

Now it remains to remove the text and background layers.

It will turn out like this!

Still, May is a great time of the year!

Thank you for doing this lesson with me.
I hope he became useful to you.


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