Text from spruce branches in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a beautiful New Year text effect in Photoshop using very realistic New Year brushes, as well as beautiful decorations such as Christmas balls, glowing stars and a beautiful silver bow. You can also add some tinsel, glitter and other decorations to your taste.

Materials for the lesson:

Step 1

Write simple text in your favorite font, I chose the font Cooper Std. Name this layer Tree Text.

Step 2

Download the magnificent New Year’s brushes from the archive, we will need them for the next step. Create new layer (create new layer) and name it Christmas Tree Text 1. Set as Primary color (Foreground Color) # 4c9021, and in as background (Background color) – # 425508. Create a selection of the Tree Text layer and select the New Year brushes as Contour strokes (Stroke Path). Use a brush size of 30px, as shown in the image.
Very important: make sure you are on the right layer (Christmas Tree Text 1) before clicking Circle Outline (Stroke Path).

Step 3

Open the dialog box Layer style (Layer Style) and add a simple effect. Shadow (Drop Shadow). Hide the Tree Text layer. Make sure you do not delete Work path (Work Path), because we will need it in the next step.

Step four

Create new layer (create new layer) and name it Christmas Tree Text 2. Circle the outline using the existing one Work path (Work Path), but this time set the brush size to 45px. Also change Main color (Foreground Color) on # 3b6128, and Background color (Background color) on # 112709.

Step 5

Open the window Layer Style (Layer Style) for the Christmas Tree Text 2 layer and apply the effect again. Shadow (Drop Shadow). You can also apply a filter Smart Sharpen (Smart Sharpen) to give the image a clearer look. Go back to the layer of Christmas Tree Text 1 and move its contents to the right, as shown in the image.

Step 6

It is time to decorate our New Year text. I will start by adding the Christmas balls on a new layer, which I called the Blue Christmas Balls. You can use a hard-edged brush or use a tool. Oval (Ellipse) to draw Christmas balls.

Step 7

Open the dialog box Layer style (Layer Style) and add the following layer styles to the Blue Christmas Balls layer. Set the parameter Fill (Fill) at 85%, and for the layer style Gloss (Satin) select color # 16459b.

Fig. 8-11_2

Step 8

Now your text should be like this. If you want, you can add another new layer for decorations, or use the existing one. As you wish.

Step 9

Create two more layers and name them Orange Balls and Yellow Balls. Copy the Blue Christmas Balls layer style and paste into the layers you just created. You need to make small adjustments: for the Satin style, use the color # e76b06 and # fbb100. You should have a similar result.

Step 10

To hang ornaments on the tree, you need to add strings using gray color # aaa9a9.

Step 11

To make the text more elegant, add silver stars using the Stars brushes, which can be found in the zip file at the end of this lesson. Use light shades of gray and white.

Step 12

Open the dialog box Layer style (Layer Style) and add the following styles to the stars:

Fig. 16-18_2

Step 13

Download the psd file with bows and select the silver bow, change its size and place it in the center of the text.

Step 14

To make the bow fit in harmoniously with the image, add Layer style (Layer Style) Shadow (Drop Shadow) and Inner shadow (Inner Shadow) to give volume. I also used the tool Finger(Smudge) to create an effect, as if in some parts of the bow is covered with twigs.

Step 15

As a finishing touch, we will add snow brushes, sequins and more spruce twigs in the same manner.

So, before you is the final version of the New Year text effect.

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